Contract – good faith and Braganza

Available from: 18/06/2024

Good faith provisions are commonly inserted into contracts but often there can be confusion about how they will be treated by the courts. Even where such duties are not expressly added, a court may, in some circumstances, be prepared to imply a duty of good faith or to consider the application of a ‘Braganza’ duty. This session summarises the key issues and most recent developments that practitioners need to be aware of. Topics will include:

Good Faith

  • What is the meaning of ‘good faith’ in an English law contract?
  • Are express duties of good faith enforceable and how will they be interpreted by the courts?
  • In what circumstances will a court imply a duty of good faith into a contract?

Braganza duties

  • How is this implied duty different from an implied duty of good faith?
  • In what circumstances will the courts imply such a duty?


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