Construction and Interpretation Issues – Wills

Recorded on: 17/11/2020


  • To share with practitioners some practical points on the care which is needed when interpreting Wills and how the Courts approach the construction of a Will


  • Practitioners will be able to avoid personal liability for wrong interpretation of a Will


  • General points about the law of construction and interpretation of Wills – the starting point in Marley v Rawlings [2014] UKSC 2
  • Why practitioners need to take care – the risk of devastavit
  • Costs
  • Recent case examples
    • Construction of Statutory Codicil & protection of executor during probate – Wesley v Chantler [2018] EWHC 21
    • Construction of Wills – Incorporation of Letter of Wishes – Removal of Executor – Taulbut and others v Davey [2018] EWHC 730
    • Construction of Wills – Tish and others v Olley and others [2018] EWHC 1069
    • Ambiguity in Wills – Macintyre v Oliver [2018] EWHC 3094

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