Commercial property winter update 2021

Recorded on: 09/12/2021

New developments in commercial property law and practice arrive at a rapid pace at the moment and practitioners need to constantly keep up with all the important changes. This webinar is part of our regular quarterly update series, designed to be an engaging and efficient means of keeping abreast of key developments, and covers the following topics:

  • Recovering ‘covid’ rent arrears – the impact of the government’s new Commercial Rent (Coronavirus) Bill and the new Code on landlords and tenants
  • Who pays for repair? Implied obligations, inherent defects and quiet enjoyment
  • Fixtures or chattels: more guidance from the courts
  • Property guardians: licensees or tenants?
  • Aircraft noise and nuisance
  • Proprietary estoppel: new limits?
  • Deemed service: the courts’ view on ‘signed for’ post


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