COLP Update 2021

Recorded on: 09/07/2021

To misquote an old song – a COLPs lot is not a happy one.

The myriad of things they have to bear in mind and consider gets ever bigger. Being primarily responsible for ensuring compliance with the SRA’s Standards and Regulations, the role is becoming more onerous and other alterations to the operating framework have increased the pressures on them considerably.

This webinar will look at recent developments and will consider the role of the COLP afresh in the light of them. They include a revised energy on the part of the SRA regarding the blizzard of bureaucracy that accompanies AML/TF processes, key issues arising from the implementation of the Transparency Regulations 2018, matters surrounding the abolition of SIF and PII generally, an increased caution around unregulated businesses and the whole conversation around the future as we emerge from the pandemic.

  • The role of the COLP generally
  • Specific duties
  • Recent rule changes and their implications:
    • Changes to the Practising Environment
      • Codes of Conduct
      • Structures of Practice
      • Waivers
    • Transparency Rules 2018
    • AML/TF matters – 4 sets of Regulations in 4 years
    • Insurance matters – PII and SIF
    • How do we deal with un-regulated businesses and freelancers?
  • Who would want the job now?

Watch a two minute preview of the webinar


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