Client care: costs, conflicts, and confidentiality

Available from: 26/04/2024

The SRA Codes of Conduct underwent simplification as part of the SRA’s reinvigoration of its Standards & Regulations (STaRs) back in 2019. However, the old messages around client care and the duties regarding costs, conflicts and confidentiality still appeared in both iterations of the Codes in much their original form.

However, what do the rules require? Is there an opportunity here for simplification of your terms and conditions? Can we send the client less by way of verbiage than we currently do? What must we say about costs – and what of conflicts and confidentiality issues too?

None of the essentials have changed just because the codes have altered.

This webinar will look at the following topics:

    • The ‘new’ Rules 6, 7 & 8 – Client Care
      • The Rules
      • What must be in writing?
      • What else do we customarily include?
      • Can we reduce the burden?
      • The actual requirements
        • Costs
        • Conflicts – what is it and when can we act?
        • Confidentiality – what are the rules and how do we protect old clients’ confidences


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