Business Asset Disposal Relief – a review

Recorded on: 02/03/2022


Business Asset Disposal Relief (BADR), like its predecessor Entrepreneur’s Relief, reduces the effective rate of CGT to 10% on a material disposal of business assets by individuals up to a lifetime limit of £1 million of gains. It is therefore an important relief for business owners. This webinar will remind practitioners of its applicability when undertaking estate planning given its relevance also to IHT when a client intends to make a gift of business assets


Practitioners will be able to feel more confident about the ground rules for the application of BADR and be able to spot when it might be applicable for clients


  • Qualifying disposals by individuals
  • Associated disposals of an asset
  • Entitlement of trustees to BADR
  • Do fixed rate preference shares count for BADR?
  • Amount of relief
  • Interaction with CGT hold-over relief and IHT business property relief



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