Assigning and sub-letting

Recorded on: 22/04/2022

This 1st of a 2- part mini series on reducing leasehold property costs from a tenant’s perspective will look at alienation – tenants who wish to sell or otherwise assign their leases or defray some of the lease expenses by sub-letting all or part of the leased property. It covers:

  • What is meant by “subject to landlord’s consent not to be unreasonably withheld”?
  • What are reasonable conditions a landlord can impose on granting consent and how do they work with s19(1A) clauses?
  • How long can a landlord consider a tenant’s application and how much should a landlord charge?
  • How to ensure the landlord’s statutory duty under the Landlord and Tenant Act 1988 is engaged.

Webinar content for part 2 (additional fee applies) can be found here


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