10 Tricky Legal Decisions: The Unfortunate Impact

Recorded on: 02/12/2019

Every so often, a legal decision comes along, and common-sense seems to fly out of the window. This webinar looks at some of those decisions and the practical impact in today’s property market for all property professionals:

  • When ignoring the landlord makes sense: No 1 West India Quay
  • Inadvertent assignments, and assignments that fail: Hicks v Downing; EMI v O&H
  • Contracting out that isn’t: Thomas Van Staden
  • Unexpected new leases: Zestcrest; In Re Saville; Jenkin v Kerman
  • When the landlord is not the landlord: Renshaw v Magnet; Brown & Root
  • Losing the property: Jewelcraft v Pressland


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