Leading PI firm declares: We’re ready for whiplash reforms

29 October 2020

Minster Law has become the first major personal injury practice to state that it is ready for next year’s whiplash reforms by formally launching its self-service digital claims portal.

Lawyers “need outside help” to maximise lawtech start-ups

29 October 2020

Lawtech start-ups set up solely by lawyers grow more slowly than those that with coders among the founders, research by Oxford University has found.

Four in ten parents “do not understand remote hearings”

28 October 2020

Four in ten parents who have been involved in a remote family hearing say they did not understand it, a major study has discovered. The president of the Family Division said this was “worrying”.

Reduced legal budgets seen as biggest virus challenge

20 October 2020

Lawyers have identified reduced client budgets for legal work as the biggest threat to the profession from the pandemic in a new report.

Court reforms data collection progress “disappointing”

20 October 2020

The government’s £1bn court reforms have had a “disappointingly slow” start in collecting the information required to ensure the justice system is fair, according to researchers.

Remote hearings “can bring horror into your home”, says judge

19 October 2020

A particularly unwelcome issue for judges hearing cases remotely is that some of the most disturbing elements of serious family cases are being heard at home, a High Court judge has reported.

Remote hearing success means no backlog in some family courts

15 October 2020

The family court system has adapted so well to remote working that some courts do not have a backlog of cases, the president of the Family Division said yesterday.

Ethics worry with lawyers and lawtech firms “not speaking same language”

14 October 2020

Solicitors are concerned that some new legal technology they buy does not take into account their professional rules and ethical duties because lawtech firms are “not speaking the same language”.

Leeds bids to rival London for lawtech as ABSs thrive

6 October 2020

Leeds is poised to become a lawtech innovation powerhouse, according to a report saying there is competition building for established practices among non-traditional providers of legal services.

S&G to “automate everything” as it says: The future is digital

2 October 2020

Slater & Gordon’s ambition to become the country’s leading consumer law firm will mainly be fulfilled online as it looks to automate as much legal work as it can, its chief executive has explained.

Crime firm launches with innovative stop and search app

28 September 2020

A new specialist criminal law firm has launched with a stop and search app that allows users to record their interaction with the police and automatically uploads it to the cloud.

Law Commission targets smart contracts and digital assets

22 September 2020

The Law Commission has launched new projects to ensure that English law can accommodate smart contracts and digital assets.

Get ready for impact of blockchain, lawyers told

21 September 2020

Blockchain and associated distributed ledger technologies will storm the world of international commerce, boosted by the Covid-19 pandemic, new guidance for lawyers has predicted.

SME legal services platform goes global after City law firm invests

17 September 2020

An online legal services platform for SMEs is offering its clients access to lawyers around the world following a “significant” investment from a City law firm, it has emerged.

AI contract review innovator raises $10m

8 September 2020

AI contract review specialist ThoughtRiver has secured a $10m (£7.5m) investment from venture capitalists to expand its presence around the world, with extra spending in the US and South-East Asia.

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