Government pumps £6m into legal AI and analytics projects

20 February 2019

The government has awarded grants totalling over £6.4m to 18 legal artificial intelligence and data analytics projects. The projects span the whole range of legal services, from City firms to a CAB.

Robot mediator settles first ever court case

19 February 2019

A ‘robot mediator’ has been used to settle a dispute in the court system, for what is believed to be the first time. The online tool uses artificial intelligence algorithms in place of a human mediator.

LAG dips toe in water to provide online employment advice

18 February 2019

A legal think tank and charity has launched an online employment rights advice service to fill a gap created by LASPO cuts in legal aid. It is starting in London with a view to rolling out nationally.

Law Society: Firms slow to adopt disruptive technology

15 February 2019

Law firms are under increasing pressure to adopt lawtech, with the rewards “potentially huge”, but the profession has still been slow to embrace systems that would radically change legal services.

Companies using contract AI to help with Brexit and GDPR

13 February 2019

More than a quarter of corporations using artificial intelligence software to review contracts are doing so for Brexit-related reasons but the technology will not remove the need for lawyers.

Court modernisation delivers £158m in savings so far

11 February 2019

The court modernisation programme has realised £158m in “benefits” to date, more than was anticipated, the Ministry of Justice has revealed. It is also to create an advisory panel.

Platform aims to give SMEs legal advice without lawyers

6 February 2019

A barrister entrepreneur has launched a DIY platform aimed at giving small businesses subscription access to straightforward legal advice without recourse to a human lawyer.

Global lawtech study questions long-term impact of hackathons

4 February 2019

Technology in use around the word to help ordinary people exercise their legal rights is often only effective after false starts, while many hackathons do not see follow-through, according to a massive global study.

Exclusive: Rocket Lawyer eyes UK insurer tie-ups

29 January 2019

Online legal documents giant Rocket Lawyer is in talks with UK insurance companies to integrate its digital services into their platforms, Legal Futures can reveal.

Family courts next to test video hearings

28 January 2019

A test in the family courts will be the next step in exploring fully video hearings, against a backdrop of widespread concern about the technology among judges, it has emerged.

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21 February 2019

The art of being honestly dishonest

The concept of dishonesty within the legal profession has always struck me as particularly inflexible. This is not without good reason, as it is a foundation of our profession that no solicitor should ever act dishonestly.

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