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Firm boss wrongly accused pregnant paralegal of benefit fraud

15 July 2019

A pregnant paralegal wrongly accused of benefit fraud by a leading criminal law solicitor who sits on the Law Society council was the victim of pregnancy and maternity discrimination, a tribunal has ruled.

Rocket Lawyer chief: SQE will “transform access to justice”

12 July 2019

Four times as many law graduates will be able to practise as solicitors after the solicitors qualifying examination comes in in 2021, a move that will be “transformative” for access to the law.

Gauke: no more court closures – for now

11 July 2019

There will not be another round of court closures for the time being, but this may change as technology takes hold, justice secretary David Gauke said yesterday.

Legal Access Challenge “building innovation community”

9 July 2019

The government-funded Legal Access Challenge has received more than 85 expressions of interests in applying for funding, the Solicitors Regulation Authority said yesterday.

LSB report: Buy-in vital for legal technology regulation

8 July 2019

Achieving buy-in for technology regulation from everyone involved in lawtech – from developers to users – is crucial to it working well, according to an analysis looking at the lessons for legal regulators that can be drawn from the medical and financial sectors.

Tribunal rejects paralegal’s disability discrimination claim

5 July 2019

An employment tribunal has comprehensively rejected a disability discrimination claim brought by a paralegal who worked for well-known personal injury firm Ralli.

Government ensures paper-based access to online courts

4 July 2019

The Courts and Tribunals (Online Procedure) Bill had its first reading in the House of Commons yesterday after the government added further protection for those unable or unwilling to use online processes.

Law firms “doing more training” since end of hours-based CPD

3 July 2019

Four in ten law firms are doing more professional training following the end of the hours-based approach, research by the Solicitors Regulation Authority has found.

BLM launches robot claims handler – but “it won’t replace humans”

3 July 2019

A robot claims handler which can take “subjective decisions” about the reliability of witnesses will not replace its human colleagues, the law firm behind it has said.

VC fund targets lawtech with focus on big data

3 July 2019

Venture capitalists have launched a fund aimed at lawtech start-ups, with an emphasis on businesses that hope to exploit big data for corporate decision making.

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22 August 2019

Mind the gap

The gap I am talking about is the one between what PII and the compensation fund covers. It is a surprisingly large gap and so far hundreds of clients, and millions of pounds, have fallen into it.

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