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Litigants will not be forced online, government pledges

12 June 2019

The government has no intention of making court processes exclusively online and so there is no need to give way to demands to guarantee this in primary legislation, peers were told this week.

PII market “hardening” but cover still available for savvy firms

11 June 2019

The professional indemnity insurance is challenging for renewals this year, but firms can help persuade jittery underwriters of their case for cover by showing that they have taken steps to mitigate risk.

Large firms “need to change culture” to attract Millennial lawyers

11 June 2019

Large law firms need to reshape their culture to meet the demands of Millennial lawyers, a new report has argued, with Cherie Blair QC arguing that there was a “desperate need” for this shift.

Clients “more scared of robots than lawyers”

6 June 2019

Clients are now more scared of robots handling their work than lawyers are of losing their jobs to machines, the boss of a legal artificial intelligence business has said.

Legal tech firms “will go bust as app stores take over”

5 June 2019

There will be massive consolidation in the legal tech world as two or three “legal tech app stores” take over in the next few years, a US academic and entrepreneur has predicted.

Panel urges regulation of algorithms used in criminal justice system

5 June 2019

A  year-long study of the use of computer algorithms in the criminal justice system has recommended creating a national register to bring openness, expose built-in biases, and ensure public trust.

Gauke announces more financial backing for lawtech

4 June 2019

Artificial intelligence has “huge potential” to make a positive impact in the legal services sector, the Lord Chancellor said today as he announced further financial backing for lawtech.

Law firm launches private client platform to help executors

31 May 2019

A secure private client platform which stores financial and other details needed by executors has been launched by West Country law firm Ashfords, which said it was the first product of its kind.

Smith: lawtech not “silver bullet” for access to justice

31 May 2019

Technology can make a positive difference but it must be carefully evaluated before adoption and be seen as supplementary to, not a replacement for, human-led legal services, a campaigner has warned.

High Court rejects appeal by couple jailed for harassing judge

29 May 2019

The High Court has rejected an appeal by a couple jailed for harassing the family judge who heard their “contentious litigation” over an adoption. They made it clear they had personal information about her.

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20 June 2019

How to pass a client security audit

A recent study showed that 72% of law firms are seeing an increase in security audit requests from both existing and new clients, indicating a huge impact on firms’ ability to win new business.

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