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Solicitor’s discrimination claim to continue despite Twitter campaign

11 April 2019

A US firm has failed to strike out a discrimination claim brought by a former corporate lawyer in its London office, after a tribunal found her not responsible for a friend’s Twitter campaign against it.

Insurers “not interested in backing freelance solicitors”

11 April 2019

An expert in law firm regulation has said he does not know a single insurer interested in providing indemnity insurance to freelance solicitors, a concern echoed by the Law Society.

Ethical impacts from AI “unimaginable”, says EU think tank

11 April 2019

Artificial intelligence software poses risks to society including tracking and identifying individuals, ‘scoring’ people without their knowledge, and powering lethal autonomous weapons systems.

Law firm insolvencies hit new high amid ‘loan stacking’ warning

10 April 2019

The number of insolvencies among solicitors’ firms reached a new high last year, Insolvency Service figures have shown, and a funder has warned that ‘loan stacking’ will only make things worse.

Susskind hits back at online court critics

10 April 2019

The courts offer a “Rolls Royce system for the very few, while everyone else is left to walk”, Professor Richard Susskind has said in advocating for online courts.

Judges, police and lawyers warn MPs over court modernisation

9 April 2019

Judges, justice campaigners, academics and others have raised wide-ranging concerns about the government’s ambitious court reform programme in evidence submitted to MPs.

Divorce to be wholly online “within months”

8 April 2019

Every family law practitioner will have felt the effects of court modernisation in their daily practice within a year, with the remaining parts of the divorce process moving online within months.

Victim of senior partner’s f-word tirades awarded £47,000

5 April 2019

A paralegal subjected to f-word tirades by the boss of a London law firm has been awarded £47,000 by an employment tribunal. But it said proven acts of harassment did not cause her mental breakdown.

Negligence claim over football club chairman’s divorce to proceed

5 April 2019

A judge was wrong to stop a case against a law firm that had incorporated since potentially negligent advice was given when the wrong entity was named in the claim, the High Court has ruled.

Blockchain trial “has potential to transform property market”

5 April 2019

The use of blockchain software in the end-to-end conveyancing process came a step closer when a worldwide trial involving leading law firms and banks cut transactions from months to weeks.

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18 April 2019

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