Firms “risking financial ruin” over SRA prosecutions

Law firms assume – wrongly – that their professional indemnity insurance covers them if they are investigated or prosecuted by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, research has warned.

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£1.2m lost after solicitor duped by bogus fee-earner

A solicitor who was duped into employing a bogus solicitor, who then facilitated a £1.2m conveyancing fraud, has been struck off. The fee-earner stole the identity of a genuine solicitor.

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Barristers to lose out from Iraq claims firm’s liquidation

Barristers instructed by now-defunct Birmingham law firm Public Interest Lawyers are set to lose out significantly from its liquidation, although its collapse may yet spark legal action.

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Alan Blacker at court walking

Blacker handed suspended sentence for benefit fraud

Alan Blacker, also known as Lord Harley and one of the most talked-about solicitors of recent years, has today received a suspended prison sentence for benefit fraud.

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New ABS aims to improve on fee-share model

The founders of a new consultant-led law firm are aiming to challenge not only the traditional law firm model but also the current fee-share models which have evolved over recent years.

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Email scam solicitor used client money to refurbish offices

A solicitor who used £80,000 of client money to refurbish her offices – and paid out another £165,000 of client money after falling victim to two email scams – has been struck off.

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SRA offers reassurance over short deadline for AML changes

The Solicitors Regulation Authority will take into account the short period of time law firms have had to comply if they fall foul of today’s new anti-money laundering rules, it has said.

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Emily Carroll

City firms risk breaking rules with onshore centres

City firms with ‘onshore’ offices in cities such as Belfast and Manchester are breaking professional rules by not making it clear to clients where the work is being done, groundbreaking research has suggested.

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Barrister blogger says colleagues can be “prats on social media”

A leading barrister blogger has blasted her own colleagues at the Bar for “being prats on social media” who “trash our reputation”.

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Legaltech platforms receive vote of confidence from investors

The transformation of legal contracts into technology-boosted “dynamic modular agreements” has caught the attention of a major investor, which has ploughed $5m (£3.8m) into lawtech start-up Juro.

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21 January 2020

Childcare obligations should not be impacting careers

As a single parent, I am keenly aware of the constant challenge balancing work and family life, something which can at times feel difficult to navigate in the legal profession.

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