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Cormac Leech

Flexible litigation funding

AxiaFunder operates as a litigation funding platform sourcing capital from a large number of professional, high net worth and sophisticated retail investors. As a result, AxiaFunder is able to spread risk and offer low cost flexible funding solutions to claimants in a timely manner:

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Are the Big 4 reshaping the future of legal services?

The Big 4 accountancy firms have continued their advance into legal services, but are they likely to supplant traditional law firms? Do they want to? Unpicking their aims and strategies, this report asks what makes the Big 4 different and what traditional law firms can do about it.

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Tower Street Finance

‘The ‘I’ Word’ – exclusive findings on inheritance from Tower Street Finance

Today we’re releasing our report “The ‘I’ Word” which gives an insight into people’s expectations around leaving and receiving inheritances and their knowledge of the processes involved.

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Flex Legal

10 tips for time-recording and legal timesheets

The legal world loves a timesheet. Whether it’s recording your time on a law firm’s legal time recording software, or logging your hours with Flex Legal when you’re on a paralegal placement, accurately measuring the time you have worked is important!

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Osprey Approach

Five reasons why law firms should implement client portal software

Legal software solutions are designed around features and functionality that benefit a firm. Fee earners are tasked with driving long term efficiencies, increasing billable hours and onboarding new clients, all to increase profitability for the firm. Therefore, legal tech aims to reduce manual admin, increase productivity, and introduce automations to help users maximise their time.

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New eBook from Quill to assist law firms with going paperless released

With the typical office worker consuming an average of 10,000 sheets of paper annually and the costs of using paper runs up to 31 times the price of purchasing it in the first place, Quill has published a new eBook to help law firms reduce their reliance on paper and operate in a smarter, more digital world.

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Elizabeth Maliakal

Hudgell Solicitors expanding team of clinical negligence specialists as focus placed on further growth

Hudgell Solicitors is pushing ahead with the expansion of its clinical negligence team and recruiting ‘at all levels’ as it looks to build on a year of success and widespread acclaim.

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LEAP Legal Software

How the LEAP Best Practice Standard helps conveyancers earn more money

The LEAP Best Practice Standard for conveyancers was set-up four years ago as an accreditation mark of excellence achieved by law firms using LEAP’s innovative technology. Through its use of independent, remote and specialist audits, achievement of the standard shows clients and stakeholders that law firms deliver a gold standard of legal work in conveyancing whilst using the most up to date and innovative legal technology.

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Success in-house – what people don’t tell you about how to get there

TV dramas have made many people think that the legal profession consists of heroes (or villains) in high-flying firms or public prosecution. In reality, nearly a quarter of solicitors work in-house.