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The Cashroom

Halloween’s Brexit deadline becomes an extended nightmare?

The autumnal backdrop has been developing for weeks with luscious greens turning to fiery shades of red and orange. Much like the fiery natural scenes we experience at this time of year, the UK’s political scene has heated up in recent months and despite the initial 31 October deadline – Halloween, the UK is still far from exiting the political nightmare.

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Search Acumen

Search Acumen comments on HM Land Registry complex commercial transactions and infrastructure development launch

Managing due diligence and planning around complex commercial real estate transactions can be fraught with risk. Relying on paper trails which take months to collate mean that problems can be overlooked, and issues not identified until a development is in process. This can often cost projects time and money.

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Future Climate Info launches new planning report

Innovative environmental data provider delivers essential new conveyancing planning search with unique wider investigation features.

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Gary Yantin

New SRA Standards and Regulations: Who should train, how and when?

In this short article aimed at Compliance officers, L&D managers and those responsible for ensuring good regulations at their law firm, VinciWorks’ Director of Best Practice Gary Yantin shares his advice about who to train, how and when.

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Delivering client care with a wow

Outsourcing important business functions such as marketing, HR and IT to attract cost savings, leverage expertise and gain greater competitive advantage has long been normal practice for law firms – so why have they been reticent to outsource aspects of customer service until now? And how can firms be sure to make sure it’s on brand when they do?

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Lips Legal

Webinar: How to convert more telephone enquiries for personal injury work into business

With next April’s Civil Liability Act reforms looming on the horizon, there has never been a more important time for law firms to maximise their conversion rates and reduce the cost of acquisition.

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Grave danger – Cemeteries as a source of groundwater pollution

Halloween is now nearly over, and bringing with it thoughts of ghosts, skeletons and spooky cemeteries. Graveyards have long been considered scary places thanks to the corpses beneath our feet, but probably not because of the contamination risk they can pose to groundwater.

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Lawyer Checker

Client service improved through AML technology

More law firms are benefiting from significant time savings while improving the consumer experience they provide clients by adopting the latest in anti-money laundering and client verification technology.

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13 November 2019

The October PII renewal: Why the market changed

Since the abolition of the Solicitors Indemnity Fund, the October professional indemnity insurance renewal season has always been a challenge, but this year most law firms saw their premiums go up.

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