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DPS Software

Habits of truly remarkable legal partners

By nature, legal firms can be high-pressure environments. Employees are under the constant beck and call of clients and the workday can easily become stressful. So, as a legal partner, how do you lead your team in a way that inspires them to remain positive and productive? How do you get them to join you on the journey of creating a remarkable law firm that is held in high regard by both clients and the employees themselves?

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OneSearch Direct

OneSearch Direct launch hybrid no-search insurance

OneSearch Direct, the largest local search data company in the UK, has announced its partnership with leading Legal Indemnity Insurance Broker Northcott Beaton, in the provision of data to create OneSearch Express: a no-search insurance policy with the addition of a property data report.

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Rachael Hodge, Senior Commercial Manager at Terrafirma

Investigating subsidence and a changing climate

Join property expert Rachael Hodge when she will be answering your questions and discussing the main causes of clay subsidence, plus two ‘ground-breaking’ announcements at our webinar on Tuesday 1st October.

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CILEx reveals winners of National Awards

The Chartered Institute of Legal Executives has unveiled the winners of its second annual National Awards, celebrating the best and the brightest in the profession.

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Unforeseen effects of climate change on ground stability

When buying a house, most purchasers view the transaction as a long-term commitment and investment. In the excitement of buying my first home, I was more interested with the decor and layout of the property than what was below the surface. However, the recent changeable weather patterns have made me reflect, perhaps we should be more concerned about what we can’t see below the ground, what our homes and businesses are built on, as ultimately ‘what lies beneath’ could have devastating consequences in the future.

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iManage EMEA selects Macmillan Cancer Support as its Charity of the Year

iManage, the company dedicated to transforming how professionals work, today announced that iManage EMEA has chosen Macmillan Cancer Support as its Charity of the Year. The organisation is a leader in providing physical, financial and emotional support to individuals affected by cancer.

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Reimagine Your Practice

Steeped in tradition, the legal sector is often seen as slow to accept and implement change; however, the legal digital technology revolution has arrived. Business as usual is not an option for many, if any, legal service providers going forward. As a new generation of tech-savvy lawyers move into leadership roles, there is a desire to unlock the power of technology to see what it can offer a legal practice, its employees and clients.

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Future Climate Info

Surrendering to the Sea: The First Climate Refugees?

Fairbourne in Gwynedd, North Wales is in a picture perfect spot – sandwiched between the spectacular backdrop of the Snowdonia peaks and attractive sandy beaches. It has been attracting holidaymakers and new residents for decades. But its days could soon be over as climate change threatens to consign the town to the sea.

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12 September 2019

Measuring success by your ability to embrace change

For any business operating today, change is inevitable. The legal sector is no exception and firms must embrace change to maintain growth, success and their competitive edge.

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