Litigation/Dispute Resolution

MR approves new guideline hourly rates but plans further review

18 August 2021

The Master of the Rolls, Sir Geoffrey Vos, has approved the new guideline hourly rates while ordering a further review that will take into account changing working practices.

Judge right to consider “mystery” of who was funding law firm

18 August 2021

A judge who had “no information at all” as to how the defence of a dormant law firm was being funded was right not to ignore the issue, appeal judges have ruled.

Expert witnesses “prefer preparing in-person for virtual hearings”

18 August 2021

Expert witnesses prefer to travel to prepare themselves for a trial in person with their legal teams even when the trial itself is to be conducted remotely, a report has found.

Law firm and funder win fees claim after terminating retainer

16 August 2021

A law firm and a litigation funder were entitled to end their retainers with a couple suing their former solicitors and should have their costs of £75,000, the High Court has ruled.

QC arbitrators in Man City case were not “beholden” to Premier League

11 August 2021

The High Court has rejected a claim by Manchester City football club that there was apparent bias on the part of three QCs sitting on a Premier League arbitration panel.

Judge warns parties to expect sanctions for incorrect e-bundles

10 August 2021

Judges’ patience with parties that fail to prepare electronic bundles with consistent page numbering is over and they can expect sanctions, the High Court has warned.

Major study proposes ODR to handle small business debt cases

6 August 2021

An online dispute resolution platform would help solve the problem of late payment debt by providing SMEs with a quick and cheap alternative to traditional lawyer-based solutions.

Bar Council and judiciary to take action on bullying from the bench

6 August 2021

The Bar Council recently met with the senior judiciary in a bid to ensure there are proper consequences for judges who bully barristers. It dismissed any notion young lawyers were being ‘snowflakes’.

Appeal judges reject “binary” approach to negligence claim

5 August 2021

The Court of Appeal has rejected as “too binary” the approach taken by a High Court judge when striking out a negligence claim against lawyers over their former client’s capacity to litigate.

Government promises “integrated online dispute resolution”

4 August 2021

More “innovative technologies” and an “integrated online dispute resolution process” have been promised by the Ministry of Justice in a fresh bid to reduce the amount of litigation.

Court to tackle law firm’s authority to act in Nigerian oil spill case

3 August 2021

The question of whether listed law firm Rosenblatt has authority to act for 27,380 claimants and 479 communities taking action against Shell “must be grappled with”, the High Court judge ruled.

Civil Justice Council pushes ahead with guideline hourly rates changes

2 August 2021

The Civil Justice Council working group charged with reviewing the guideline hourly rates has doubled down on its interim recommendations following consultation.

Evaluation of flexible court hours stresses need to get lawyers onboard

2 August 2021

Flexible operating hours can make it easier for people to access civil and family justice, but there needs to a lot more work to bring solicitors and barristers on board, research has said.

High Court warns uncooperative parties against “litigation warfare”

30 July 2021

A High Court judge has warned against “litigation warfare” as he pleaded with the parties in a construction dispute to co-operate in the face of spiralling costs.

Court of Appeal revives “unmanageable” £5bn class action

28 July 2021

A decision to strike out an “unmanageable” £5bn group action brought by 200,000 claimants over a dam collapse in Brazil can be appealed, the Court of Appeal has decided.

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