First4Lawyers White Paper: Trust me, I’m a lawyer – marketing legal services in 2023

Find out why trust plays such an important role in the way consumers choose a law firm in this brand new White Paper from First4Lawyers.

Featuring specially commissioned IRN research, which surveyed solicitors at both specialist personal injury law firms and broader consumer law firms, the White Paper takes a close look at the progress firms have made in recent years in their marketing strategies and highlights the gaps that need more work.

85% of solicitors have seen consumer behaviour change in the last five years – they are shopping around more before choosing a lawyer and have higher expectations on service. They are laying down a big challenge to how the legal market has long worked.

Six in 10 law firms surveyed have increased their marketing budgets in the last year but they are not analysing the return on investment properly so as to inform future decisions. There are also wildly divergent approaches to the increasingly important issue of online reviews.

Download a free copy of the White Paper and find out if your firm is doing all it can to grow and get ahead of the competition.

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