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LeO upholds more complaints of poor service by lawyers

19 July 2019

The Legal Ombudsman was more likely to make a finding of poor service against a lawyer than not in 2018/19, reversing the trend of previous years, its annual report has shown.

MBO partners buy off-the-shelf ABS from Gordon Dadds

18 July 2019

Five partners from London firm Child & Child, who acquired the firm after it went into administration at the end of last month in a management buyout, used an off-the-shelf ABS, it has emerged.

Gateley targets more non-legal services as turnover soars

16 July 2019

Pioneering listed law firm Gateley is aiming to increase the non-legal services it offers substantially after recording record results, with revenues up 20% to £104m.

Consumer panel urges regulators to publish complaints data

16 July 2019

The Legal Services Consumer Panel has criticised legal regulators’ continuing “resistance” to publishing complaints data about the lawyers they oversee.

Exclusive: Space, the final frontier for ABSs

12 July 2019

A pioneering alternative business structure specialising in space law and named after Neil Armstrong 50 years after he first stepped on the moon has gone live, Legal Futures can reveal.

ABS launches desktop tool linking it to big clients

11 July 2019

An alternative business structure set up by an HR consultancy has launched a dedicated case management software tool aimed at integrating large company HR departments with its employment law offering.

Private equity firm buys two leading conveyancing practices

10 July 2019

The battle to consolidate the fragmented conveyancing market has stepped up after a private equity company acquired two of the biggest volume providers in the country.

Knights eyes role as consolidator of independent law firms

10 July 2019

Knights has unveiled strong results for its first year as a listed company and is now looking to “scale” its business model by acting as a consolidator of independent law firms.

Innovation means “asking tough questions and using data”

9 July 2019

Lawyers at high street firms looking to bring innovation into their firm’s cultures have been advised to find space away from day-to-day work pressures and ask if they would do anything different if starting out afresh.

Chambers “must publish” data on sexual orientation and religion

9 July 2019

The Legal Services Board has approved a new rule requiring chambers to include sexual orientation and religion in the diversity data they publish on their websites, whether or not all of their barristers agree.

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