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Green light for Deloitte expansion after SRA issues ABS licence

22 June 2018

Deloitte has been awarded its alternative business structure licence, some five months after announcing that it was to become the last of the Big Four accountancy firms to offer reserved legal activities.

New chair of Legal Services Board named 14 months after last one left

22 June 2018

The Legal Services Board finally has a permanent chair after Dr Helen Phillips was given an unprecedented five-year term, while the Law Society finally has a permanent CEO.

Latest legal PLC says PI reforms will be good for business

21 June 2018

The newest legal business to list on the stock exchange saw its shares rise 7.5% on admission yesterday as it predicted that it would benefit from the government’s proposed personal injury reforms.

Law Society censure “shows that LSB governance rules work”

21 June 2018

The Legal Services Board’s public censure of the Law Society last month is evidence that its rules on regulatory independence do not need tightening, the Bar Council has argued.

Former hedge fund manager invests in law firm to challenge status quo

20 June 2018

A former hedge fund boss who wants a better service for those needing family law services is backing a multi-disciplinary law firm aimed at high net-worth individuals and family offices.

History as women become majority of solicitors – but still lag badly at partner level

19 June 2018

Women have become the majority of practising solicitors for the first time, but men are still twice as likely to be partners, according to new figures.

Law firms “complacent” about market changes, says bellwether report

19 June 2018

Law firms are at risk of being overtaken by changes in the legal marketplace if they do not rethink how their businesses are run, according to a new survey.

Credit hire and legal services group set to raise £25m from listing

18 June 2018

A group bringing together credit hire and legal services is to list on the stock exchange this week. Anexo Group has recently obtained an ABS licence.

DWF weighing up £600m listing on stock exchange

15 June 2018

Top-25 practice DWF is considering whether to become by far the largest law firm to list on the London Stock Exchange, it emerged today. The move would galvanise interest in law firms going public.

Law firms will have to publish certain prices, but not complaints data, SRA decides

14 June 2018

Law firms will have to publish their prices for a range of consumer and business services, the Solicitors Regulation Authority has decided, but they will not have to put their complaints records in the public domain. It comes alongside research showing consumers particularly wanted information on price and quality before choosing a lawyer.

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