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Revealed: Connect2Law lives on as Slater & Gordon launches Linked to Law


Jabbari: market-leading solution for high-quality independent firms

Law firm network Connect2Law is to live on separately from Slater & Gordon-owned Pannone after a deal struck with its former head, David Jabbari – with S&G launching its own referral network at the same time.

Connect2Law’s future has been in doubt since S&G bought Pannone earlier this year [2], and Mr Jabbari left to join fellow alternative business structure Parabis.

In a statement, S&G said: “Following a transaction with Slater & Gordon and Pannone, David Jabbari will operate the following businesses through a new business, Connect2Law.

“The businesses will consist of an infrastructure business combining back office support to law firms including marketing, IT, management consulting, quality assurance and advertising services; a law firm panel business assisting non-legal businesses managing relationships with law firms; and a branded franchise business comprising a network of independent law firms.”

S&G’s referral network is called Linked to Law, which will enable member firms to refer cases to S&G in return for a fee made up of an upfront payment and percentage of costs generated.

S&G said: “Linked to Law will replace Pannone’s law firm network, which was acquired during the acquisition of umbrella company Pannone in February this year.

“We immediately recognised the business was a great tool for law firms. However, it was our belief that in order for the service to work within Slater & Gordon it would need to be restructured to reflect our values.

“The network has seven staff working across the UK, based in Manchester and London, who will all be dedicated to maintaining the relationships between the member firms and helping them access the shared expertise offered by Linked to Law.”

All Connect2Law members have been invited to remain as members of Linked to Law, and S&G said it is treating them all as current members under the previous terms and conditions, with new terms being issued soon. “We are actively looking for new members and to develop closer relationships with a smaller number firms,” a spokeswoman said.

Mr Jabbari, who is a partner and managing director of consumer law at Parabis, said his vision for Connect2Law was a network of leading regional law firms that will work alongside Parabis in the supply of legal services. He made clear his plans for such a network when joining Parabis [3].

The regional firms operating as ‘hubs’ in the network will be known as ‘platinum’ firms, and will be made up of a combination of some existing Connect2Law hub firms and new practices, chosen on an ‘invitation only’ basis. The platinum firms will administer networks of selected member law firms in their area.

Mr Jabbari said: “Our network is the market-leading solution for high-quality independent firms that wish to grow profit aggressively in a consolidating legal services market.

“It addresses the need to attract new sources of high quality legal work, take cost out of the back and middle office, and ensure seamless quality in all the points of contact between the firm and its clients.”