QS bids to persuade public to love their lawyer

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10 September 2013

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QualitySolicitors has today launched a new advertising campaign that aims to tackle common preconceptions about lawyers, using the tag line ‘Changing the way you see lawyers’.

The group said that following consumer research and feedback from clients, it wants “to change people’s perceptions with a campaign that shows it is possible to find legal services that are approachable, jargon-free, and available when you need them”.

The campaign highlights the simple service promises that QS make: free first advice, no hidden costs, direct contact with lawyers, same-day responses, and Saturday openings. Starting with the press and digital advertising this month, QS’s new television spots will appear next month.

QS said its client research found that whilst lawyers tend to be excellent at carrying out the technical aspects of the job, concerns around expense, use of jargon and the time it takes to respond “can make a visit to a solicitor an intimidating and often last resort prospect”.

Ian Wheeler, who took over from Craig Holt as chief executive of QS earlier this year, said: “This new campaign represents the commitment to our clients of the type of service they can expect from their QualitySolicitor. We have listened closely to their feedback to identify what is most important them when they visit their lawyer. Our ambition at QualitySolicitors is to be more available, more affordable, more transparent and therefore more customer-friendly.”

As first revealed by Legal Futures in July, QS founder Craig Holt has become the company’s president to focus on research and development. With the WH Smith arrangement now over, QS is expected shortly to launch its partnership with US online legal services provider LegalZoom.


3 Responses to “QS bids to persuade public to love their lawyer”

  1. They conducted market research to figure out what customers don’t like about lawyers. I came to the same conclusions and more just by sitting down and putting myself in the customers shoes, its all about using empathy. Don’t lawyers don’t have any empathy?

  2. Ajaz Ahmed on September 11th, 2013 at 9:10 am
  3. Oh dear, I fear this may fall a bit flat on its face. Not only does it appear QS has spent time and money finding out what we already know, it has come up with ‘I love my lawyer’ to put things right. This is only mildly less cringeworthy and misguided than ‘my solicitor my hero’.

  4. Louise Restell on September 13th, 2013 at 12:46 pm
  5. This is so much better than what they did before.

    Concentrate on their USPs (some of which aren’t strictly unique, but the promise is in effect, a more client-friendly service).

    Short, simple, and claiming to be different from the negative perception much of the public (in many cases quite unfairly) has.

    The key issue is will the implied promise of better treatment be delivered? It must work in a way, because although call handling etc by firms is pretty poor overall, there are some really nice people in law and the public perception is much more negative than it should be…so they are almost inevitably going to see a positive benefit, simply because the public perception is not representative of the reality on the ground.

    Whether it’ll pay or not is a different issue…

  6. Joe Reevy on October 17th, 2013 at 9:51 am

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