Entrepreneur with “strong views on breastfeeding” unfairly dismissed lawyer

5 May 2021

A Russian entrepreneur based in the UK with “strong views on the importance of breastfeeding” unfairly dismissed a lawyer after she took maternity leave, an employment tribunal has ruled.

Immigration and civil litigation hit hardest by Covid-19

5 May 2021

Immigration and civil litigation were the two areas of legal practice hit hardest by the pandemic last year, with private client and family law “insulated” from the impact, new research has found.

S&G lawyer wins unfair dismissal claim – but no damages

4 May 2021

A senior costs specialist at Slater & Gordon has won a claim for unfair dismissal on one ground but an employment tribunal decided it would not be just to award him damages.

CEO who “ran for the hills” loses appeal over failed unfair dismissal claim

29 April 2021

A well-known law firm did not fire its chief executive because he made protected disclosures about financial problems that were discovered at the practice, the Employment Appeal Tribunal has ruled.

Firm discriminated against partner suffering mental health problems

28 April 2021

A former equity partner at Freeths has won a disability discrimination claim over the way the leading midlands law firm treated him after he was diagnosed with mental health problems.

Judge criticises firm’s failures in defending solicitor’s dismissal claim

26 April 2021

A conveyancing solicitor has won her unfair dismissal and discrimination claim against a well-known Essex law firm by default after it filed its defence two days late.

Law firm’s report on bank’s HR processes not privileged

26 April 2021

The report of a law firm instructed by a major bank to review how it handled an employee’s allegation of rape was not covered by legal advice privilege, an employment tribunal has ruled.

Solicitor unfairly dismissed for refusing Covid variation to contract

15 April 2021

A solicitor fired after refusing a demand to vary her contract so her firm could furlough her or reduce her wages to help it cope with the impact of Covid has won a claim for unfair dismissal.

No TUPE protection for staff after firm’s owner made bankrupt

8 April 2021

There was no protection for staff under the TUPE after the sole owner of a law firm was made bankrupt and the practice taken over, the Employment Appeal Tribunal has ruled.

Tribunal awards ex-Kingly solicitors £37k in compensation

7 April 2021

Five solicitors, a solicitor apprentice and a legal assistant who worked at one of the largest law firms to be shut down by the SRA have been awarded more than £37,000 by an employment tribunal.

Law firm did not discriminate against menopausal apprentice

6 April 2021

A law firm did not discriminate against a legal secretary turned apprentice with menopausal symptoms on the grounds of disability or sex, an employment tribunal has ruled.

Fast-growing firm predicts employment law “explosion”

8 March 2021

The managing director of a fast-growing employment law firm has predicted that there will be a post-pandemic “explosion” in workload – although it might have to wait until next spring.

Tribunal rejects law firm’s second challenge to age discrimination ruling

14 January 2021

An judge has refused a second application from a law firm to reconsider his decision to award a property solicitor damages of £13,200 for age discrimination when he applied for a job with it.

Tribunal finds law firm unfairly dismissed paralegal

11 January 2021

A law firm dismissed a paralegal because he was close to his supervisor, with whom it was in dispute, rather than due to the allegations levied against him, an employment tribunal has ruled.

Solicitor “fobbed off” staff who wanted employment contracts

5 January 2021

A solicitor who “fobbed off” three members of staff who repeatedly requested employment contracts has been ordered to pay nearly £10,000 for constructive dismissal.

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