PI Futures Conference 2023

Though many PI lawyers have managed to thrive despite the 24 years of reform since the Access to Justice Act 1999, the Official Injury Claim portal was of a different order of magnitude. There have been numerous stories of PI firms sold or going into administration in the last two years, while supposedly just a dozen firms are responsible for the vast bulk of claims going through the portal.

Within a fortnight of this conference on 21 September, the extension of fixed recoverable costs to most money cases worth up to £100,000 has finally happened.

These were two of the topics covered at this year’s PI Futures. We looked in depth at fixed costs in particular, from both a practical and strategic perspective, as well as deductions from damages. This is likely to become more prevalent with fixed costs, but how to navigate them in the wake of the Belsner ruling? And how is the Legal Ombudsman, which the Court of Appeal said clients unhappy with deductions should approach, handling complaints?

The breadth of the programme proved how many issues are live at the moment – we debated the apparent increase in PI fraud involving solicitors, the recent government consultation on changes to medical reporting for RTAs and the influx of private equity investment.

And, finally, ChatGPT and generative AI – does it have a role in PI? It would appear so given that some firms are already using this and other cutting-edge technology to improve how they work. We heard from pioneers on how technology can aid your practice.

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Sue Brown Chair, Motor Accident Solicitors Society

Matthew Maxwell Scott Executive Director, Association of Consumer Support Organisations

Simon Williams Ombudsman, Legal Ombudsman

Josh Bates Specialist Regulatory Lawyer, O’Connors Solicitors

Andy Cullwick Head of Marketing, First4Lawyers

Nick McDonnell Director, Kain Knight

Clint Milnes Chief Information Officer, Winn Group

Steven Turner Barrister, Parklane Plowden

Martin Heskins Executive Chair, Medco

Wayne Brannan Commercial Director, Premex

Brett Dixon Secretary, Association of Personal Injury Lawyers

Steve Din Founder, Doorway Capital

Peter Haden CEO, Fletchers Group

Simon Gibson CEO, Spirant Group

Dan Taylor Head of Integration, Fletchers

Patrick Grant Project Director (North), Legal Innovation & Technology, The University of Law


“The best conference of its type by far. Consistently great speakers.”


“All the speakers were eloquent, knowledgeable and engaging.”


“Terrific to catch up with so many old friends and to make new ones.”



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