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From ABS to AI

November 2015: Legal Futures Annual Innovation Conference – From ABS to AI
It’s been more than four years since the first ABS was licensed. There have been successes and failures, exciting developments and mundane changes. But what has it all added up to? At this year’s Annual Innovation Conference, delegates explored the hot issue of artificial intelligence and how it is being applied to the law now and in the future. AI might seem a long way in the future for most, but as a marker for the transformational impact technology is likely to have on the legal world, it is a powerful notion.

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Viv Du-Feu, Head of Legal Services, British Medical Association

David Simon, Chairman, Triton Global

Steve Brooker, Head of Research and Development, Legal Services Board

Caroline Wallace, Strategy Director, Legal Services Board

Chris Newton, Managing Director, Newtons Solicitors

Colum Smith, CEO, McMillan Williams

Professor Roger Smith

John Banister, CEO, Wiggin LLP

Martin Bunch, Managing Director, Hudgell Solicitors

Andrew Ritchie QC, Managing Partner, Bates Wells & Braithwaite

Kyla Moran, Senior Consultant, Watson Industry Leadership

Andrew Bloom, Partner and Head of Legal Services, Kingston Smith

Matthew Whalley, Head of Legal Risk Consultancy, Berwin Leighton Paisner

Tony Williams, Principal, Jomati Consultants LLP

Nigel Rea, Director of Precedence, Drafting and Forms, LexisNexis

Graham Ross, Head of European Advisory Board, Modria.com; Member, Civil Justice Council Online Dispute Resolution Advisory Group

Andrew Arruda, CEO and Co-Founder, Ross Intelligence

I am a recent subscriber to Legal Futures and this is my first conference. I found it to be very informative and impressive in all aspects.

Delegate – November 2015

Legal Futures is a must for market leaders and those interested in innovation

Delegate – November 2015

Continues to be stimulating and informative!

Delegate – November 2015

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