Title Research: The challenging case of John Smith – Episode Three – Nov 2018

When: 12pm on Wednesday 14th November 2018

John Smith’s estate is complex and consists largely of shares – all originally invested in from the UK – but now in Australia, Jersey and USA markets. Over the next three weeks, Title Research’s webinar series will be discussing the challenges and difficulties faced when verifying and selling shares across multiple jurisdictions. These episodes will highlight how Title Research assist our solicitor clients to deliver an accelerated estate administration service.

Episode three focuses specifically on John Smith’s investment in a UK company called GKN that merged with Brambles Limited in 2001. When Brambles Limited left the UK market for the Australian market, John Smith retained his shares. The webinar will share how Title Research obtained a resealed Grant and sold the Australian shareholdings. 

Episode three will take place at 12pm on Wednesday 14th November and you can click here to register now.

If you missed episode one which looked at the difficulties we face when verifying and selling shares held in ESPP format, click here to catch up at your own leisure.

If you missed episode two about retrieving the JPMorgan Chases shares which had escheated to Delaware, click here to watch the webinar.



14 November 2018

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