Seal Software: Delivering Brexit insights into an enterprise contract portfolio – Dec 2018

When – On-demand

Where – Online

Organisations are initiating Brexit preparedness programs to find how they can best manage the outcomes. They can either do manual reviews, or shorten the time, lower the costs, and increase the accuracy with contract discovery and data extraction with Seal.

View the Brexit Insight on-demand webinar to learn how organisations can prepare for the challenges of Brexit and future requirements, replacing uncertainty with insight into their enterprise contract portfolio.

Key takeaways include:

  • How to find the contracts requiring review, remediation and repapering
  • How to measure the impact on your supply chain and the cost of meeting contractual obligations post-Brexit
  • How to mitigate the negative impact by taking action as a result of this insight

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18 December 2018

Why we need robot rules

In 2016, an AI program called AlphaGo beat the world champion at the board game Go. At one point, AlphaGo made a decision which baffled everyone but turned out to be the winning move.

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