Kaplan Altior: Trial Strategy Planning – 14 June 2019

When – 14 June

Where – London

This interactive and innovative course will enable you to develop the skills and confidence necessary to allow you to effectively plan for and run a Criminal Trial at Court.  It will help you to conduct an in-depth analysis of the evidence; develop an organised strategic approach; and identify all of the steps needed in order to be fully and effectively prepared for a trial. This course will change your whole approach to trial preparation.

Key benefits include:

  • Be able to deal with issues that arise during the preparation and running of a criminal trial
  • Be able to identify any preliminary applications that need to be made or opposed
  • Have all necessary detail required for a trial preparation hearing
  • Be able to ensure that your case is trial ready
  • Improve your confidence and ability to conduct the trial itself
  • Appreciate how using a TSP is a revelation that changes the manner in which you prepare for any case
  • Benefit from a learning experience enhanced with personalised feedback and collaboration due to small class numbers
  • Receive practical advice on how to apply the skills learnt during training from experienced trainers who are all former or current practitioners.

To book your place, visit: https://altior.co.uk/public-training-programmes/course-directory/advanced-advocacy-litigation/trial-strategy-planning-(criminal)




18 April 2019

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