Kaplan Altior: Managing Yourself – Managing your Communications – 25 Sept 2019

When – 25 September 2019

Where – Live Online

This course will build and develop the necessary interpersonal skills that you would need in order to manage and succeed in a dynamic, people and service-oriented working environment.

Kaplan Altior’s Managing your Communications course will help you develop your personal skills in order to better manage working relationship with both colleagues and clients in a people-oriented working environment.  This session includes:

  • What makes for great communication?
  • Empathy and working with others
  • Limiting conflict at work

This course is specifically tailored to newly qualified solicitors and also more experienced professionals who seek a refresher and update on their existing skill-set.

Key benefits include:

  • Manage your client matters with increased efficiency and confidence
  • Understand and use improved communication skills with your work colleagues and clients
  • Empathise better with differing personalities, outlooks and approaches
  • Reduce conflict and its impact should it occur
  • Improve your working relationship with those to whom you report.

To book your place, visit: https://altior.co.uk/public-training-programmes/course-directory/management-and-leadership/managing-yourself



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