Groundsure: Contaminated Land and why Historical Mapping is so important – 23 Jul 2019

When: Tues 23rd July 2019 – 11am-12pm

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In this session we will look at the role contaminated land has to play in the environmental search report space. We will provide a brief overview of contaminated land legislation and the government’s current position, case studies will provide real life examples of how contaminated land can impact upon properties. We will also look at how our in house Environmental Consultants write a report and compile their opinion as well as providing practical ways of revising any “Action Required” searches. We will then finish with an overview of our core reports.



18 April 2019

Protectionism: Is it really all that bad?

So we are about to launch head first in to another great legal services experiment. Away with all those restrictive practices that successive governments consider so heinous. All hail innovation and market forces.

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