Bold Legal LIVE! conference London – 18 Oct 2019

On 18th October the Bold Legal Group will combine forces with The ESTAS Group to host the most informing and exciting conference in the conveyancing sector for 2019.

Bold Legal LIVE! which is sponsored by LEAP will use The ESTAS Awards stage set (taking place in the evening) as a backdrop for the event creating an almost TV studio atmosphere, giving delegates an informative, educational and motivational experience. The audience will consist of 200+ law firm owners and key decision makers in the conveyancing sector.

The conference will be hosted by Rob Hailstone CEO of Bold Legal Group. Hailstone is arguably one of the best known figures in the residential conveyancing sector, he has over 40 years’ experience in the industry and sits on a range of advisory panels, including those initiated by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government to develop plans to reform the house buying process.

Hailstone says:

“The conveyancing process will evolve and change throughout 2019 and beyond. Busy property lawyers need to know what is going on and have a say because any changes will affect their livelihoods. The conference will give them the opportunity to listen to and quiz those that will be implementing and making those changes. I have gathered together a group of speakers and panelists whose knowledge of the conveyancing and agent sectors is second to none. These people will also have a huge influence on the path our industry takes over the coming years.”

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10 October 2019

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