Advanced: Digital Dictation – Conquering the last bastion of the analogue world – 12 Dec 2019

When: 12 December | 14:30 -15:00 GMT

Doug Hargrove, MD of Advanced Legal, discusses with Adrian Crowson, Head of IT at Ringrose Law, how digitising this traditional but essential requirement has given them an affordable way to increase collaboration and flexibility, as well as deliver a faster and more efficient service to their clients.

Why should I attend?

If your current dictation system is costing you more than £85 per user, per year, then attending this webinar is a must.

 Discover how to:

  • Get more done with less resource
  • Streamline your firms processes
  • Secure, instant access to all your firms dictations
  • Deliver measurable time and cost savings across your firm
  • Support your firms growth

When Ellis-Fermor & Negus needed to overhaul its outdated analogue system, Advanced delivered time and cost savings while enabling the firm to increase efficiency.

“We’re all feeling the benefits of time saving and increased productivity… we don’t know how we got by without it.”
Ellis-Fermor & Negus

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