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Kaplan Altior: Managing Yourself- Managing Your Workload – Feb 2019

31 October 2018

When – 18th February, 9am – 12pm Where – Live Online On a practical level, a solicitor needs to know how to run a matter efficiently and effectively and this session includes: Understanding efficiency Planning and prioritisation Tools and techniques… Read More

Groundsure: Contaminated Land and why Historical Mapping is so important – Feb 2019

29 October 2018

When: Tues 19th Feb 2019 – 11am-12pm Register here: In this session we will look at the role contaminated land has to play in the environmental search report space. We will provide a brief overview of contaminated land legislation… Read More

Kaplan Altior: Managing Others- Successful Supervision Feb 2019

28 October 2018

When– 20th February, 12pm – 3pm Where – Live Online Even without having the title ‘supervisor’, professionals need to be able to get work done through others more junior from time to time. This session shows you how to start… Read More

InfoTrack & Perfect Portal Integration – Feb 2019

27 October 2018

Date: Wednesday, 20th February 2019 Time: Noon – 12:30pm Register here: Join this webinar to learn how Perfect Portal integrates with InfoTrack to speed up your conveyancing process. Key integration points to be covered in this webinar: ==> Searches… Read More

Title Research: Bona Vacantia in England and Wales – How a genealogist can help – Feb 2019

26 October 2018

When: Wednesday 20th February at 12pm In this informative webinar, Title Research will share what Bona Vacantia is, the options that are available to you, and how a genealogist can support your approach to an unclaimed estate. Title Research’s Technical… Read More

Kaplan Altior: Managing the Firm- Strategy and Finance – Feb 2019

26 October 2018

When – 22nd February, 12pm – 3pm Where – Live Online As an essential step towards attaining a more senior position in the firm, understanding how strategy comes about and how to analyse the figures is an essential prerequisite for… Read More

Kaplan Altior: Managing Yourself- Managing Your Communications – Feb 2019

24 October 2018

When – 25th February, 12pm – 3pm Where – Live Online A solicitor must develop his/her personal skills in order to better manage working relationship with both colleagues and clients in a people-oriented working environment and this session includes: What… Read More

Perfect Portal: Converting more enquires to sales – Feb 2019

23 October 2018

Date: Tuesday, 26th February 2019 Time: Noon – 1:00pm Register here: Did you know on average firms only convert 35% of their enquires? Join this webinar to learn how you can convert more enquires to sales and take advantage of… Read More

Seal Software: Understanding Legal AI from the inside out – Feb 2019

22 October 2018

When: Tuesday, February 26th, 5 P.M. GMT Presenters Ari Kaplan, Principal Ari Kaplan Advisors and Laurie Brasner, General Counsel, Seal Software. As the legal industry continues to evolve and embrace artificial intelligence, it is critical to align the perception of… Read More

Kaplan Altior: Managing Others- Improved Individual Performance – Feb 2019

22 October 2018

When – 27th February, 12pm – 3pm Where – Live Online In today’s competitive environment, improving the performance of others as part of the ‘learning organisation’ is no longer an option but an essential part of economic prosperity.  This session… Read More

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14 February 2019

Losing the chance to litigate – impact of the Raleys ruling

The Supreme Court judgment in Perry v Raleys Solicitors was a much anticipated decision on the court’s approach to causation and quantum where the claim was for loss of a chance to pursue litigation.

Read More