Restraint order for academic who sued chambers over website reference

14 March 2024

The High Court has imposed a three-year extended civil restraint order on a former academic who has been pursuing Cloisters Chambers over a reference to him on its website.

Private equity in the legal sector: A challenge to conventional firms

26 January 2024

When discussing private equity or other external investors in law firms, it’s fair to say that many in the legal sector are sceptical, considering them to be ‘ruthless asset strippers’.

A cheaper route to qualifying? ULaw unveils SQE pricing

10 February 2021

The University of Law has unveiled a range of courses to prepare students for SQE, costing from £500 to £16,500 – the latter being little different from the existing legal practice course.

High Court grants barrister her “dying wish” and halves suspension

12 January 2021

The High Court has granted the “dying wish” of a barrister, suspended by a Bar disciplinary tribunal, that she should end her life as a practising member of the profession.

Investment for legal apps amid call for government support

21 April 2020

Legal tech continues to attract investment, with money for a new wills app and the more established The Link App, but it must be able to benefit from a new coronavirus support package for tech companies.

SRA: “Solicitors conceal disability for fear of harming careers”

16 March 2020

Many disabled solicitors have downplayed the extent of their disability because they don’t trust law firms to treat them equally with their able colleagues, new research has revealed.

Bar investigates training on how to deal with suicidal clients

27 January 2020

The Bar Council is to explore how to deliver training to barristers about dealing with suicidal clients after a family law practitioner related her own harrowing experiences confronting the issue.

Teal Compliance nominated for a Modern Law Award

21 January 2020

Teal Compliance, a leading consultancy specialising in supporting Law Firms with the rules and regulations they have to follow, and are market leaders in delivering engaging training in anti money laundering and compliance.

“Urgent need” to help hard-hit rural law firms in Wales

25 October 2019

The Welsh Government should develop and implement as soon as possible a detailed strategy to “reinvigorate the rural and post-industrial legal sector” in Wales, a major report has recommended.

Unforeseen effects of climate change on ground stability

6 September 2019

When buying a house, most purchasers view the transaction as a long-term commitment and investment. In the excitement of buying my first home, I was more interested with the decor and layout of the property than what was below the surface. However, the recent changeable weather patterns have made me reflect, perhaps we should be more concerned about what we can’t see below the ground, what our homes and businesses are built on, as ultimately ‘what lies beneath’ could have devastating consequences in the future.

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