Smarter working

15 June 2010

At a time when firms need to move forward if they are not going to be left behind, fast-growing west country law firm Everys outlines the benefits of integrating case and practice management systems since going live with SOS Connect last year.

The new legal ethics

19 May 2010

Paul Gilbert, chief executive of consultancy LBC Wise Counsel, argues that the way the world has changed and will do in the future means lawyers need to reassess their ethical norms.

Great expectations – just don’t exceed them

13 May 2010

Paul Gilbert, chief executive of LBC Wise Counsel, argues that lawyers have been sucked into feeling the need to exceed expectations, when all clients want is for them to meet expectations. In fact, exceeding them could be bad for business.

Climbing out of the bunker

13 May 2010

Paul Gilbert, chief executive of LBC Wise Counsel, says that firms can help themselves out of the recession by focusing on six key areas of business development

How much should you tell clients about PII?

17 February 2010

The Law Society has clarified to what extent solicitors should tell clients certain details about their professional indemnity insurance.

The legal profession and the sale of general insurance contracts

16 February 2010

Insurance mediation does not sound like the kind of thing solicitors do, but in fact many are involved in it and their knowledge of the rules around it are often sketchy. Alan Bannister of Vizards Wyeth outlines the main issues.

Ten For 2010: Top Ten Trends for Legal Outsourcing in 2010

16 February 2010

To address a profoundly changing legal landscape, law firms and corporate counsel are exploring new models for delivering legal services. One of the most compelling legal service delivery models will be outsourcing. Here are Fronterion’s Top Ten Trends for Legal Outsourcing in 2010.

Survey: public thinks all will-writers are solicitors

9 February 2010

Two in three members of the public believe that all will-writers are trained solicitors, research by the Fellowship of Professional Willwriters and Probate Practitioners has shown.

Run-off cover: the essentials

19 July 2018

Everything you and your law firm needs to know about run-off cover, ensuring you remain insured even after you’ve closed.

‘Death threat’ solicitor struck off over client money

19 July 2018

A solicitor who claimed she transferred over £250,000 from her firm’s client account to third parties amid threats to her life has been struck off.

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18 July 2018

What do the whiplash reforms mean for children?

An element of the reforms contained in the Civil Liability Bill which seems to be flying mostly under the radar is the effect this will have on children.

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