Solicitors given insurance warning over freelance status

13 September 2019

Solicitors who take on the new freelance status may find it difficult to return to working for law firms due to insurance problems, the Law Society has warned.

Unregulated firms should offer solicitors “ethics guarantee”

12 September 2019

Solicitors working for unregulated entities under new rules should seek contractual assurances from their employers that their professional obligations cannot be overridden, the Law Society has advised.

Law firms “need data-sharing guidance” to avoid GDPR breaches

12 September 2019

The Information Commissioner needs to provide specific guidance to law firms on how they can lawfully share personal data, a leading City law firm has argued.

Solicitor’s rehabilitation insufficient to lift PC conditions

12 September 2019

A disciplinary tribunal has refused to lift practising conditions imposed on a solicitor who breached a catalogue of accounts rules while specialising in conveyancing work.

Tribunal piles on second fine for solicitor’s contempt of court

11 September 2019

A solicitor fined £5,000 by a judge after being convicted of contempt of court for breaching an injunction has been fined a further £7,500 by the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal.

Deloitte launches three-year SQE training contracts

11 September 2019

Big Four accountant Deloitte has launched a pioneering three-year training contract, allowing trainees to study at the University of Law for one day a week and work the remaining four.

Solicitor told SRA he didn’t “give a monkey’s” about firm

10 September 2019

A solicitor who told the regulator that he didn’t “give a monkey’s” about the fate of his law firm because he had retired has been struck off.

Solicitor “preyed” on vulnerable clients who left him legacies

9 September 2019

An experienced solicitor who preyed on vulnerable clients has been struck off for writing wills that left him and his family significant legacies without ensuring they had taken independent advice.

Alcoholic solicitor who assaulted paramedics struck off

6 September 2019

A male solicitor convicted of sexually assaulting two female paramedics while drunk at 8am has been struck off. He was sentenced to eight months in prison, suspended for 12 months.

Law school launches SQE-friendly conversion course

4 September 2019

BPP has become the first law school to reveal details of a new conversion course aimed at getting students through the first stage of the Solicitors Qualifying Exam.

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