Supreme Court to consider costs orders against regulators

27 January 2021

The Supreme Court is to consider whether costs should only be awarded against regulators in unsuccessful cases where there is good reason to make an order, it announced today.

“Inept” solicitor transferred money in breach of court order

27 January 2021

A “seriously inept” solicitor who transferred money to another law firm’s client account, in breach of a court order that his firm should hold it, has been fined £8,000.

Legal executive threatened witness in holiday sickness case

26 January 2021

A chartered legal executive who made an “implied threat” of criminal proceedings in a bid to stop a witness testifying against her client has been banned from working for solicitors’ firms.

Fines for partners who charged clients for indemnity insurance

25 January 2021

Three partners have been fined for charging conveyancing clients for the firm’s indemnity insurance, as well as “variable sums” for filling out a simple standard form.

‘Professionally embarrassed’ lawyers wrong to withdraw during murder trial

22 January 2021

The legal team of a man accused of murder was wrong to withdraw during the trial but the move did not render his subsequent conviction unsafe, the Court of Appeal has ruled.

Solicitor allowed use of client account as £4.6m banking facility

22 January 2021

A solicitor who let his firm’s client account be used as a banking facility for payments from clients’ investors totalling over £4.6m has been fined £15,000.

Another SRA prosecution fails but regulator avoids costs order

21 January 2021

The Solicitors Regulation Authority was justified in prosecuting two law firm partners even though all of the allegations were dismissed, a tribunal has ruled.

Email attachments are not privileged just because message is

21 January 2021

The Supreme Court has refused to interfere in a ruling that legal professional privilege which covers an email does not extend to any attachments.

Solicitor who misled tribunals on Ugandan law is struck off

20 January 2021

A solicitor who misled the First-tier and Upper Tribunals in immigration cases about anti-gay legislation in Uganda has been struck off by the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal.

Veteran solicitor practised without insurance

19 January 2021

A sole practitioner in his 70s has been struck off after practising for over six months without professional indemnity insurance, despite telling others he had cover.

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