SRA to review regime for checking solicitors’ competence

9 July 2020

The Solicitors Regulation Authority is to launch a review of its approach to solicitors’ continuing competence, amid calls for spot checks or accreditation schemes to reassure consumers.

Legal assistant banned after lying about passing exams

9 July 2020

A legal assistant who lied about passing his legal executive exams so that his law firm employer would reimburse the course fees has been banned from working in the solicitors’ profession.

Solicitor amended form of authority not knowing client was dead

6 July 2020

A solicitor who amended a client’s form of authority when he could not contact her and then sent it to her former employer – not knowing she had died – has been struck off for dishonesty.

SRA creates expert panel to advise on policy

3 July 2020

An economist, a senior in-house lawyer and the head of one of the Big Four’s alternative business structures have been named on a panel created to advise the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

Solicitor rebuked for failing to supervise “lying” consultant

2 July 2020

The head of a law firm who said she was lied to by a consultant solicitor, who paid £2.25m of property sale proceeds to a third party as part of a pattern of flagrant misconduct, has accepted a rebuke.

Solicitors Indemnity Fund to stay open for extra year

1 July 2020

The Solicitors Regulation Authority has agreed to extend by a year the use of the Solicitors Indemnity Fund to covers claims made after firms’ run-off cover expires.

Chambers offers workspace for freelance solicitors

30 June 2020

A set of chambers in Birmingham, post Covid-19, is using unused floors in its offices to create a supported workspace for freelance solicitors, Legal Futures can reveal.

Quality of legal advice for suspects “faltering under lockdown”

30 June 2020

The quality of legal help for suspects in police custody has “suffered significantly” due to Covid-19 amid concerns over confidentiality and restrictions on lawyers talking to clients, a new report has found.

Solicitor banned from management over accounts failure

29 June 2020

A solicitor was kept in the dark by an experienced bookkeeper about improper transfers she was making from client to office account to keep the firm afloat, a tribunal has heard.

Solicitor “didn’t know what to do” with money from third party

26 June 2020

A solicitor whose firm received over £530,000 into its client account from an unknown third party, “sat on it” because “we just didn’t know” what to do, a tribunal has heard.

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