Barrister lied to police “to help close friend”

9 April 2020

An unregistered barrister who lied about her status to extract information about an investigation by North Yorkshire Police has been disbarred.

Barrister breached court order to see ex-girlfriend

8 April 2020

An experienced barrister has been suspended for three months and fined £1,000 for twice breaching a non-molestation order to see his ex-girlfriend.

Bar Council calls on LSB not to recruit staff during crisis

7 April 2020

The Bar Council has called on the Legal Services Board not to recruit more staff during the coronavirus crisis for the task of overseeing legal bodies’ internal governance.

Scottish Bar chief resigns over train chat indiscretion

6 April 2020

The head of the Scottish Bar has announced his intention to resign after being caught talking on a train about his client, Alex Salmond, in a derogatory manner.

Barrister suspended for headbutting female colleague

1 April 2020

A senior barrister who headbutted a junior female member of chambers during a drunken row, leaving her on the ground with blood all over her face, has been suspended for three months.

Train chat lands Scottish Bar chief in hot water

30 March 2020

The head of the Scottish Bar has referred himself to the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission after being caught talking on a train about his client, Alex Salmond, in a derogatory manner.

Calls to protect criminal solicitors, pupils and LPC students

25 March 2020

Criminal defence solicitors have threatened to stop attending police stations and a protocol to protect pupil barristers was published among efforts to protect the profession during the pandemic.

Government identifies justice system’s keyworkers

23 March 2020

Legal professionals involved in court and tribunal hearings, as well as those advising people deprived of their liberty or on executing wills are ‘keyworkers’, the Ministry of Justice has said.

“Strong improvement” in AML oversight by regulators

20 March 2020

There has been a “strong improvement” among the legal regulators in their approach to anti-money laundering, their oversight body has reported.

Bar students urge BSB to reconsider exam delay

20 March 2020

Students on the Bar professional training course have written a letter to the Bar Standards Board to object to its decision to cancel the April sitting of their exams. LPC students are preparing a similar letter.

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