BSB delays introduction of written pupillage agreements

13 September 2019

The Bar Standards Board has delayed plans to require chambers to enter into written agreements with pupils, which were due to come into force in just two months’ time.

Anonymous reporting tool to aid barristers facing harassment

10 September 2019

Barristers will be able to make anonymous reports of bullying and harassment by their colleagues and judges after the Bar Council signed up to an online tool to aid the profession.

BSB passes regulatory test on advocacy quality

3 September 2019

The Legal Services Board has said the Bar Standards Board now meets the standard it set for improving the quality of advocacy – unlike the Solicitors Regulation Authority and CILEx Regulation.

Revealed: BSB pulls plug on funding for Legal Choices

2 September 2019

The Bar Standards Board has decided to stop funding Legal Choices, the consumer-facing website which until now has been collectively run and paid for by all the legal regulators.

Barrister resigns from chambers over Twitter complaints

20 August 2019

A barrister has resigned from Doughty Street Chambers after being accused of running a controversial Twitter account that harassed activists campaigning against antisemitism in the Labour Party.

Barrister who obeyed LeO two hours before tribunal spared suspension

7 August 2019

A barrister who complied with an order from the Legal Ombudsman to pay compensation to a client only two hours before appearing at a Bar disciplinary tribunal has been fined £2,000.

Barrister “threatened police with kitchen knife”

6 August 2019

A barrister convicted of common assault after threatening police officers with a kitchen knife has been reprimanded and fined £500 by the Bar Standards Board.

Written pupillage agreements may help counter “shocking abuse”

5 August 2019

Requiring chambers to enter into written agreements with pupils may help to counter “shocking” instances of abusive treatment, the Bar Council has said.

CA: Judge wrong to discharge jury over barrister’s closing speech

2 August 2019

A judge was wrong to discharge the jury in a criminal trial after “inappropriate” remarks by the defence barrister in his closing speech, the Lord Chief Justice has ruled.

Barrister suspended again after returning from drug-conviction ban

29 July 2019

A barrister who only recently returned to practice after completing a three-year suspension for a high-profile drugs conviction, has been suspended again.

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