Barrister ordered to hand over Twitter account details

16 July 2020

A barrister has been ordered to hand over details of who else had access to a controversial Twitter account that harassed activists campaigning against antisemitism in the Labour Party.

Legal regulators “too slow” with diversity action

16 July 2020

Progress by the legal regulators in understanding and tackling ongoing inequalities in the profession is “too slow” and lacks “strategic direction”, the Legal Services Board (LSB) has said. The oversight regulator said there were “fundamental shortcomings” in the collection of… Read More

‘Email threat’ barrister feared “vindictive campaign” against pupil

10 July 2020

The drunken barrister who threatened a fellow member of chambers over a tenancy application did so because he believed there was a “vindictive campaign” to damage the pupil’s prospects.

Drunken barrister reprimanded for threatening colleague

2 July 2020

A drunken barrister who threatened a fellow member of chambers in a bid to have them accede to a tenancy application has been reprimanded by a Bar disciplinary tribunal.

Online invigilators will be watching Bar students’ every move

30 June 2020

Online invigilators for the Bar exams taking place in August have been trained to differentiate between candidates looking around naturally and trying to read hidden notes, students have been warned.

Call for Inns to act as pupillage shortage worsens

25 June 2020

The Inns of Court should build a “large co-working space”, possibly on one of their “grand gardens”, to increase the number of pupillages at a time when record numbers are looking for them.

Your chambers aren’t colour blind, top QC tells barristers

22 June 2020

Barristers who believe their chambers are ‘colour-blind’ and treat everyone the same “have a problem” and need to change their mindset, a high-profile black QC has said.

Large chambers “should give space to smaller ones”

17 June 2020

Large chambers should be prepared to look after smaller sets “chased out” by their landlords by sharing premises and clerks, a senior criminal law barrister has said.

EHRC urges compulsory disability training for lawyers

15 June 2020

Disability awareness should be a professional requirement, and a mandatory element of criminal lawyers’ CPD, the Equality and Human Rights Commission has recommended.

Legal regulators cool on the idea of being abolished

12 June 2020

Legal regulators have reacted coolly to the recommendation of Professor Stephen Mayson that they be replaced by a single organisation, arguing instead the case for specialism.

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Coping with Covid in the criminal and family courts
15 July 2020

The legal sector has historically resisted change, with the judicial system only gradually implementing technology to improve its efficiency. Its approach has changed in light of the Covid-19 outbreak.

Forming good remote work habits for law firms
13 July 2020

You likely know the pearl of wisdom that it takes three weeks to make or break a habit. That rule was laid down in a random 1970s self-help book, but in reality, how many habits have you actually changed in just 21 days?


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