Review: Regulate all legal services but at different levels

17 September 2019

An alternative regulatory regime that sees all legal services regulated, but providers subject to different requirements depending on the work they do, has been mooted by an independent review.

CA quashes paralegal’s “unfair” contempt sentence

17 September 2019

It was “manifestly unfair” for a circuit judge to issue a paralegal with a suspended six-month prison sentence for inadvertently breaching the Family Procedure Rules, the Court of Appeal has ruled.

Solicitor “offered client money” to withdraw complaint

16 September 2019

A solicitor who offered a client money to withdraw a complaint against him has been struck off. He also created a false settlement agreement that saw a client pay money to a fictitious claimant.

Labour eyes privilege reform to hit tax avoidance “enablers”

16 September 2019

The Labour Party will look at the role of privilege in hindering the criminal prosecution of professionals advising on tax avoidance, shadow chancellor has said.

BSB delays introduction of written pupillage agreements

13 September 2019

The Bar Standards Board has delayed plans to require chambers to enter into written agreements with pupils, which were due to come into force in just two months’ time.

Solicitors given insurance warning over freelance status

13 September 2019

Solicitors who take on the new freelance status may find it difficult to return to working for law firms due to insurance problems, the Law Society has warned.

Strong public backing for independent regulation of lawyers

13 September 2019

The Scottish public strongly backs regulation of lawyers that is separate from representative bodies, according to a survey, in the wake of a review recommending a single regulator.

Unregulated firms should offer solicitors “ethics guarantee”

12 September 2019

Solicitors working for unregulated entities under new rules should seek contractual assurances from their employers that their professional obligations cannot be overridden, the Law Society has advised.

Law firms “need data-sharing guidance” to avoid GDPR breaches

12 September 2019

The Information Commissioner needs to provide specific guidance to law firms on how they can lawfully share personal data, a leading City law firm has argued.

Solicitor’s rehabilitation insufficient to lift PC conditions

12 September 2019

A disciplinary tribunal has refused to lift practising conditions imposed on a solicitor who breached a catalogue of accounts rules while specialising in conveyancing work.

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