SRA pays Leigh Day £1m in costs to end disciplinary case

17 January 2019

The highly contentious Leigh Day disciplinary case has come to an end with the Solicitors Regulation Authority paying the firm £1m in costs after the regulator’s unsuccessful appeal.

Bar Council eyes solicitor support for fair allocation of briefs

16 January 2019

The Bar Council may work with the Law Society to influence solicitors and clients as part of a campaign to ensure a fairer allocation of briefs to women barristers.

Fined solicitor who ignored judges’ warnings fails with appeal

16 January 2019

The High Court has rejected an appeal by a solicitor who “facilitated” immigration claims which were an abuse of process and “effectively ignored” judges’ warnings to change his behaviour.

Bar Council renews attack on BSB over price transparency

15 January 2019

The Bar Council is still unhappy with the price transparency regime proposed by the Bar Standards Board (BSB), despite the regulator’s decision to limit publication of information about fees to public access work. The revised rules came under fire from… Read More

SRA “not sufficiently transparent” in explaining decisions

15 January 2019

The Solicitors Regulation Authority is “not sufficiently transparent” in explaining its decisions at board level, the Legal Services Board has said, while ticking off other regulators too.

Solicitor receives hefty fine in case with link to Panama Papers

14 January 2019

A solicitor who failed to check whether his clients were politically exposed persons, in the first disciplinary matter to involve infamous offshore law firm Mossack Fonseca, has been fined £45,000.

Chartered legal executives seek parity with solicitors

14 January 2019

Chartered legal executives operate on a par with solicitors and it is only “professional snobbery” stopping them from being part of the solution to many current systemic problems.

Solicitor fined for offensive and “bullying” emails

11 January 2019

A solicitor has been fined for calling a would-be client an “asshole”, “crazy” and “a certifiable nutcase” in correspondence with the man, his partner and the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners.

Lawyers making fewer suspicious activity reports

11 January 2019

Efforts to encourage lawyers to make more suspicious activity reports are not succeeding, with the number of reports from the legal sector down 12% last year.

Law Society: Employer clients’ interests don’t trump all in NDAs

9 January 2019

The Law Society has reminded solicitors that their duty to act in their client’s best interests can be trumped by other obligations when drafting non-disclosure agreements.

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10 January 2019

PR: fee-earner or fee-drainer?

For me the greatest challenge has always been, and continues to be, how to demonstrate the value of PR. I was once told I would not get some partners’ attention because I was a fee-drainer, not a fee-earner.

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