Barrister ordered to hand over Twitter account details

16 July 2020

A barrister has been ordered to hand over details of who else had access to a controversial Twitter account that harassed activists campaigning against antisemitism in the Labour Party.

Legal regulators “too slow” with diversity action

16 July 2020

Progress by the legal regulators in understanding and tackling ongoing inequalities in the profession is “too slow” and lacks “strategic direction”, the Legal Services Board (LSB) has said. The oversight regulator said there were “fundamental shortcomings” in the collection of… Read More

Top GC defends in-house lawyers’ approach to ethics

15 July 2020

A leading general counsel has attacked the assumption that in-house lawyers “leave their morals at the door” when they join their companies.

MPs call on SRA to investigate City firm over bank scandal

15 July 2020

City giant Herbert Smith Freehills either compromised its independence or provided incompetent advice in its work for Lloyds Banking Group on the Reading scandal, a group of MPs and peers has claimed.

Law firms “could undermine positive impact” of SQE on diversity

14 July 2020

The emphasis on increasing the range and choice of legal training in the Solicitors Qualifying Examination could help remove the blockage to social mobility in the profession.

Immigration solicitors permanently banned from unregulated firms

13 July 2020

Solicitors handling immigration work can only do so from organisations overseen by a legal regulator or the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner, the Solicitors Regulation Authority has decided.

‘Email threat’ barrister feared “vindictive campaign” against pupil

10 July 2020

The drunken barrister who threatened a fellow member of chambers over a tenancy application did so because he believed there was a “vindictive campaign” to damage the pupil’s prospects.

CILEx calls for permanent power of attorney change

10 July 2020

The Chartered Institute of Legal Executives has called for a permanent law change after the Land Registry began accepting copies of lasting powers of attorney certified by CILEx lawyers.

SRA to review regime for checking solicitors’ competence

9 July 2020

The Solicitors Regulation Authority is to launch a review of its approach to solicitors’ continuing competence, amid calls for spot checks or accreditation schemes to reassure consumers.

Legal assistant banned after lying about passing exams

9 July 2020

A legal assistant who lied about passing his legal executive exams so that his law firm employer would reimburse the course fees has been banned from working in the solicitors’ profession.

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Coping with Covid in the criminal and family courts
15 July 2020

The legal sector has historically resisted change, with the judicial system only gradually implementing technology to improve its efficiency. Its approach has changed in light of the Covid-19 outbreak.

Forming good remote work habits for law firms
13 July 2020

You likely know the pearl of wisdom that it takes three weeks to make or break a habit. That rule was laid down in a random 1970s self-help book, but in reality, how many habits have you actually changed in just 21 days?


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