Four solicitors struck off after leaving firm in £61m debt

21 September 2018

Four solicitors have been struck off for their role at a Preston law firm which collapsed owing the scandal-hit Axiom Legal Financing Fund £61m.

“Olympics bomb hoax” barrister disbarred

21 September 2018

Barrister Michael Shrimpton – who was jailed for a bomb hoax at the London Olympics – has been disbarred by a disciplinary tribunal.

CMC owners face an end to ‘phoenixing’

20 September 2018

An end to owners of CMCs closing down a distressed firm and opening another – known as ‘phoenixing’ – is on the cards under new proposals from the Financial Conduct Authority.

Solicitor and barrister both sanctioned for drink driving

20 September 2018

A solicitor and barrister have separately been sanctioned for drink-drive offences, although only the latter appeared before a disciplinary tribunal.

Bar Council slams BSB’s “dilution” of barrister brand

19 September 2018

The Bar Council has reacted with outrage to training reforms that it says would automatically ‘passport’ solicitors with higher rights of audience to become barristers.

City lawyer “diverted client cash to own bank account”

19 September 2018

A Spanish lawyer who sent “misleading” emails to divert £183,000 intended for his client to his personal bank account, has been struck off the register of European lawyers.

Divorcing man told: You can’t pay your lawyers without paying your wife’s

18 September 2018

The husband in a divorce dispute cannot pay his lawyers a pound without paying a pound to his wife’s solicitors, the High Court has ruled.

Solicitor struck off after income tax fraud conviction

18 September 2018

A solicitor who fraudulently claimed £37,000 in income tax repayments has been struck off. Her sentencing judge had said she was “wholly unsuitable to be a solicitor”.

£30k fine for solicitor who sought profit through overcharging

17 September 2018

A solicitor who instituted a practice of “gross overcharging” in clinical negligence cases so as to maximise profits has been fined £30,000 by the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal.

Trust in solicitors a key issue when consumers choose barristers

17 September 2018

Consumers tend to shop around or use a public access barrister and ignore their solicitor’s recommendation only when trust had broken down, according to research.

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20 September 2018
Simon McCrum

Why don’t lawyers do what you ask them to do?

Having been team leader, department head, division head and managing partner, I understand well the frustration (and anger) that managing partners and CEOs voice to me: “We’ve asked them a dozen times, but still they aren’t doing what we need!”

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