Online employment law specialist targets divorce and conveyancing

25 April 2024

The founder of an online employment law firm which specialises in settlement agreements has said he is planning to launch two similar ABSs – one for no-fault divorce and the other for conveyancing.

Licensed conveyancer disqualified for “pattern” of dishonesty

24 April 2024

A licensed conveyancer who lied to a client and fabricated a letter to him, lied to her law firm about it and then lied again to her regulator has been disqualified for 10 years.

Law Society “risking revolt by members” over conveyancing forms

4 April 2024

The Law Society’s failure to consult solicitors on key changes to conveyancing practice, most recently the revised TA6 form, risks a “revolt” by members, it has been warned.

Conveyancing fees down a fifth since stamp duty holiday

3 April 2024

Conveyancing fees are down by over a fifth in real terms from the peaks seen during the stamp duty holiday as the market has cooled, according to new research.

Big lenders invest £10m in blockchain property network

3 April 2024

The three biggest mortgage lenders in the UK – Lloyds, Nationwide and NatWest – and property website Rightmove, have invested £10m in the digital property transaction business Coadjute.

MPs to probe transparency and referral fees in conveyancing process

27 March 2024

MPs are to probe whether consumers have the information they need to choose a conveyancer as well as the role of referral fees, it was announced yesterday.

People happy with their conveyancers – but don’t know what they do

12 March 2024

Home movers are generally happy with the service they received from their conveyancer – but a large proportion have little idea what they actually do, new research has found.

Rush to meet end of SDLT holiday caused solicitor to let down client

5 March 2024

A conveyancer who forgot to put in place a declaration of trust on the ownership of a property in the rush to beat the stamp duty holiday deadline in 2021 has been rebuked.

Litigant misled court over response from other side’s solicitors

27 February 2024

A litigant in person who made a ‘without notice’ application to move property transactions to completion, blaming the other side’s solicitors for not replying to him, mislead the court.

City giant uses generative AI to develop lease reporting tool

22 February 2024

City law firm BCLP has used generative artificial intelligence to develop a lease reporting tool which is being rolled out to UK clients this month.

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