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Probate delays “have made clients suicidal”, MPs told

18 April 2024

Probate delays have left some clients feeling suicidal because they are running out of money, the head of a leading probate provider has told MPs on the justice select committee.

Law firm £1.3m negligence saga “does not reflect well on profession”

28 March 2024

A City law firm has failed to strike out a £1.3m negligence claim arising from a discretionary trust it set up for a man described by a High Court judge as “serially let down” by the profession.

Probate delays putting law firms in clients’ firing line

15 March 2024

Law firms are suffering a backlash from clients, and increasing unbillable time, as a result of the continuing delays at the Probate Service, the Law Society has said.

MoJ mandarin refuses to say if criminal lawyers will get “the full 15%”

6 March 2024

The top official at the Ministry of Justice has refused to say whether criminal law solicitors will get their recommended 15% pay rise, in heated exchanges before the justice select committee.

Solicitor struck off over LPA signature short-cuts

27 February 2024

A solicitor who submitted two lasting powers of attorney to the Office of the Public Guardian showing she had witnessed the donor’s signatures – when she had not – has been struck off.

Value of legal services market “to hit £50bn” this year

21 February 2024

The legal services market will continue to grow in 2024, hitting a turnover of £50bn with a “resilient” corporate law sector boosted by “stronger economic conditions” later in the year.

Wills group looks to buy “a dozen law firms a year” after PE boost

7 February 2024

The Right Legal Group, a wills and probate specialist, has secured private equity funding to buy at least “a dozen law firms a year”, it has emerged.

Government brings video-witnessing of wills to an end

6 February 2024

The pandemic measure to allow video witnessing of wills came to an end last week, after the government decided not to extend it beyond 31 January.

Solicitor jailed for stealing money using powers of attorney

5 February 2024

A solicitor has been jailed for two years after admitting abusing her position to steal tens of thousands of pounds from two vulnerable people, one of whom was her father.

Law firm “let down” client over bid to propound will, master rules

31 January 2024

A daughter seeking to propound a copy of her deceased mother’s will has been “let down” by her solicitors in failing to comply with an unless order to issue proceedings, the High Court has ruled.

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