Law firms “fobbing off clients” with AI claims

3 December 2019

Lawyers’ devotion to billable hour has stopped truly disruptive technology from changing the way legal services are delivered to the public, last week’s Legal Futures Innovation Conference was told.

Arbitration and ODR to settle smart contract disputes

3 December 2019

Arbitration and online dispute resolution should be used when there are disputes about smart contracts, the Chancellor of the High Court has said.

Algorithmic-based decision-making is “risk to justice”

26 November 2019

The head of the Criminal Bar Association has outlined her “grave concerns” about algorithmic technology that is being used in the justice system without adequate regulation.

Digital assets “are property” under English law

19 November 2019

Blockchain and smart contracts were given a major boost yesterday, when the expert panel charged with giving the technology legal certainty declared they should be treated in principal as property.

Supreme Court judge calls for independent algorithm regulator

19 November 2019

A Supreme Court justice has called for the creation of an expert commission to act as “a sort of independent regulator” of algorithms, staffed by coding technicians, with lawyers and ethicists.

Top judge tells business lawyers: Get ready for the future

14 November 2019

The Chancellor of the High Court has urged commercial lawyers to prepare for the disruptive impact of technology on the law, the legal system and legal profession before others “steal a march” on them.

Susskind calls for global online court revolution

14 November 2019

Professor Richard Susskind has called for the development of a “standard, adaptable, global platform for online courts” that can be rolled out to fortify access to justice around the world.

Law firms’ “shocking” vulnerability to cyber criminals

12 November 2019

The vast majority of major law firms still have significant unaddressed cyber-risk, despite repeated urging by regulators, insurers and others to shore up their defences, according to new research.

Niche ABS takes on external funding and non-lawyers

11 November 2019

A niche alternative business structure working with companies that build the global infrastructure of technology has used it to take on external funding and non-lawyers who can help the business grow.

Court reforms may not be completed in time, PAC warns

6 November 2019

The government’s court modernisation programme may not be completed by the deadline of 2023, the House of Commons public accounts committee has warned.

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