Deloitte seeks to leverage size advantage in tech race

20 May 2019

Deloitte Legal in the UK is looking to ramp up its technology strategy as it bids to exploit its perceived advantage in providing multi-disciplinary services across the world.

Smart contracts and investment: innovations speed march of lawtech

17 May 2019

A City firm has launched an off-the-shelf smart contract for insurers which triggers an automatic payment to a solar power company if it is cloudy, while a legal tech company has attracted £1.2m in investment.

Call for curbs on Lord Chancellor’s power over online rule committee

16 May 2019

A future Lord Chancellor could impose “quite radical changes” on the court system unless changes are made to the Courts and Tribunals (Online Procedure) Bill, peers have warned.

Government consults on law underpinning smart contracts

13 May 2019

The UK has launched the first step in its bid to make English law the bedrock of a future where digital smart contracts and distributed ledger technology are the norm in the global trading of goods.

Court service starts another video hearing pilot running

10 May 2019

A pilot enabling domestic abuse victims to take part in hearings by video link from a computer in their solicitor’s office has begun running in Manchester – the fourth started in recent weeks.

Lawtech incubator “building long-term relationships”

8 May 2019

Creating an incubator for lawtech start-ups has led to deeper and more rewarding relationships than expected, the law firm that pioneered the format said this week.

Video technology for courts “still has long way to go”

7 May 2019

The experience of using video-link technology to hold immigration bail hearings shows how far it has to go to be as effective as face-to-face hearings, a researcher has warned.

Vos predicts “flood of smart contracts” if UK legal system adapts

7 May 2019

English law is poised to capitalise on vast numbers of smart legal contracts expected to be created every year, according to Sir Geoffrey Vos, Chancellor of the High Court.

£250k fund will target legal tech that directly helps consumers

3 May 2019

Government money aimed at accelerating the use of technology to widen access to justice will only go to ideas that directly aid consumers, rather than simply help lawyers do their jobs better, it has emerged.

Union questions role of senior judges in court modernisation

2 May 2019

The biggest civil service trade union has criticised senior judges for becoming too closely involved in the government’s £1bn court modernisation programme.

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