Lack of data leaves courts “flying blind” on impact of Covid, MPs told

28 January 2021

The courts system is failing to collect vital information about the performance of judges and trials during the Covid-19 pandemic, an expert has told Parliament, leaving observers “flying blind”.

Competition hots up to become standard software for in-house teams

26 January 2021

A software platform aimed at bringing together the various apps used by corporate legal teams is launched today, while another product aimed at the same market has raised $14m.

GCs at private equity firms “lack control of legal spending”

25 January 2021

Senior in-house lawyers at large private equity firms are responsible for the cost of instructing law firms but lack the power to control it, a study has found.

National Audit Office challenges basis of court reforms

18 January 2021

A top National Audit Office official has asked fundamental questions of the government’s court reform programme, even as the head of the courts service extolled its performance during the pandemic.

AI pioneer closes in face of Thomson Reuters claim

14 December 2020

A pioneering lawtech business is shutting down in the face of litigation from Thomson Reuters that it says means it cannot raise funds.

Five businesses chosen for ‘lawtech sandbox’ pilot

8 December 2020

Five lawtech businesses are to join a ‘sandbox’ designed to “fast-track transformative ideas, products and services” with the help of legal and financial regulators.

Augmented lawyering: The challenge of AI is people, not money

7 December 2020

The challenge facing traditional law firms from artificial intelligence is not a lack of finance to invest in technology but having the right “human capital”, a study from Oxford University has argued.

Susskind advocates role of AI in transforming courts

4 December 2020

A future justice system could use AI technology to inform people of their chances of success and even provide automated determinations, according to futurist Professor Richard Susskind.

Lottery funding helps law firm launch free Covid fines app

3 December 2020

A not-for-profit criminal law firm has launched  a free web app aimed at people who have been issued fines for breaching the Coronavirus Regulations.

Law firm and start-ups awarded government cash to develop lawtech

2 December 2020

One law firm and five lawtech businesses have each received around £100,000 of government money to develop and accelerate commercialisation of their products and services during the pandemic.

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