Research to probe ethical issues raised by legal technology

23 January 2019

A project that will look at the ethical and others issues that technology raises for legal services and their regulation has been launched by the Legal Services Board.

Vos: “Court technology can speed up progress on diversity”

22 January 2019

Lawtech can provide a “virtuous circle” that simultaneously both improves access to justice and delivers social and gender mobility to the upper reaches of the judiciary, according to a senior judge.

“Reproduction of the legal profession” at risk from automation

17 January 2019

If junior associates are “gradually culled” from law firms as a result of automation, the “entire reproduction of the legal profession could be jeopardised”, a leading academic has warned.

MPs to probe access to justice impact of court modernisation

10 January 2019

MPs are to probe the access to justice implications of the £1bn court modernisation programme. The justice select committee will consider issues such as the increasing use of digital technology.

Advice sector set to benefit from trio of new digital tools

10 January 2019

LexisNexis, working closely with the Civil Justice Council and others, is poised to launch the first of three projects to create digital tools for the advice sector, it has emerged.

Start-up aims to help NFP sector identify legal nature of problems

17 December 2018

An AI-backed product that uses natural language processing to help not-for-profit agencies identify precisely the legal nature of a problem is set to launch next year.

Law firms “will stop using email within five years”

13 December 2018

Email will be replaced within five years by a more secure means of communication for law firms, an expert predicted this week. Meanwhile, the SRA is using behavioural science in its messaging.

Innovate UK backs bid to create “thinking” legal AI

13 December 2018

Contract review business ThoughtRiver has been awarded funding from the government for a £400,000 development project to develop “thinking AI”.

SRA: Law firms must be able to explain decisions made by AI

11 December 2018

Law firms must be able to explain “automated decisions”, including those involving artificial intelligence (AI), the Solicitors Regulation Authority has warned.

Crowdfunding call to battle ‘legal tech’ trade mark

11 December 2018

A legal technology conference organiser is attempting to crowdfund £5,000 for a challenge to the trademarking of the term ‘legal tech’, owned by a US-based legal publisher.

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