Susskind: Machines will replace lawyers if they deliver better outcomes

15 November 2018

Clients value lawyers for the outcomes they deliver and will switch to technology based alternatives if they produce the better or cheaper results, Professor Richard Susskind has claimed.

County court to test video hearings in year-long pilot

13 November 2018

A year-long pilot to hear applications to set aside county court default judgments by an internet-enabled video link will begin at the end of this month.

High Court judge: ethical and legal framework for AI “imperative”

13 November 2018

An ethical and legal framework is “imperative” for artificial intelligence and the financial world had shown what happened without one, a High Court judge has warned.

Eversheds rolls out app to capture internal innovation ideas

13 November 2018

A global law firm has designed and implemented a crowdsourcing web app to harness innovative ideas from its thousands of employees worldwide.

Robot judges less likely than AI-assisted judges, QC predicts

30 October 2018

Artificial intelligence is likely to be used to lower the cost and increase the speed of judicial decisions, a QC specialising in IT and algorithms has predicted.

Technology “can help conveyancers meet consumer demands”

26 October 2018

Only a tiny number of conveyancing firms are committed to innovation, while consumers are pressing for technology that gives them access to information, a survey said.

New tech demands code of “cyber ethics” for lawyers

22 October 2018

The legal profession will have to develop “cyber ethics” to cope with the very different issues that the growing use of technology is having on the practice of law.

Clients “must be told whether legal advice is AI or human”

18 October 2018

As legal advice is increasingly driven by AI, clients will have to be informed whether they are being advised by a machine or a human lawyer, a top judge has urged.

Land Registry aims for first digital property transfer

17 October 2018

The Land Registry has set itself the target of completing the first fully digital transfer of a property in the coming year to prove the value of smart contracts.

PI claimants “increasingly comfortable” with online service

11 October 2018

More people than ever are prepared to have their personal injury claim handled completely online, according to research by a leading law firm as it prepares to become ‘small claims ready’.

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