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“Reproduction of the legal profession” at risk from automation

17 January 2019

If junior associates are “gradually culled” from law firms as a result of automation, the “entire reproduction of the legal profession could be jeopardised”, a leading academic has warned.

Successor practice application against City firm “futile”

16 January 2019

A successor practice application against a City law firm should be struck out, a High Court master has ruled, but only after the claimant has been given a chance to amend his claim.

Court orders insurer to cover negligent solicitors’ unpaid costs

14 January 2019

The insurer of a negligent Italian law firm operating in London has been ordered to pay £3m in costs to the victims after the lawyers failed to pay up.

The Law Superstore relaunches 18 months after takeover

11 January 2019

Legal comparison website The Law Superstore this week relaunched after spending more than a year switching to a simpler, lower-cost lead generating model.

MPs to probe access to justice impact of court modernisation

10 January 2019

MPs are to probe the access to justice implications of the £1bn court modernisation programme. The justice select committee will consider issues such as the increasing use of digital technology.

Advice sector set to benefit from trio of new digital tools

10 January 2019

LexisNexis, working closely with the Civil Justice Council and others, is poised to launch the first of three projects to create digital tools for the advice sector, it has emerged.

Top firm uses computer simulations to train new partners

9 January 2019

UK/US giant Hogan Lovells is using computer simulations of legal practices to train new equity partners in how to run a law firm, it has emerged.

No TUPE protection for most staff shed in Lawyers Inc takeover

8 January 2019

Only five out of 22 lawyers and staff who lost their jobs when Hull firm Ingrams collapsed were protected by the TUPE regulations when the firm was effectively taken over by an innovative ABS.

PDS employee “unfairly dismissed” after work with murderer

7 January 2019

The Public Defender Service unfairly dismissed an employee who suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder after her work debriefing a murderer.

Judge criticises top firm for exacerbating divorce conflict

4 January 2019

A top family law firm has been criticised by a High Court judge for exacerbating the conflict in a high-value divorce by issuing a Form A during a period when it had been agreed not to.

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10 January 2019

PR: fee-earner or fee-drainer?

For me the greatest challenge has always been, and continues to be, how to demonstrate the value of PR. I was once told I would not get some partners’ attention because I was a fee-drainer, not a fee-earner.

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