Personal Injury/Clinical Negligence

Clinical negligence fixed costs set for October implementation

19 April 2024

Fixed recoverable costs for low-value clinical negligence claims – which were planned for this month – are now likely to come into force in October 2024, it has emerged.

“A racket” – judge hits out at hidden commissions in PI cases

18 April 2024

A circuit judge has attacked the “little micro-industry of unknown and unknowable commissions or referral or arrangement fees” in personal injury claims.

Lawyer cleared of contempt over bogus whiplash claim

15 April 2024

The senior partner of a law firm who acted on a bogus whiplash claim arising from an accident in which he was also injured has been cleared of contempt of court.

“Tokenistic” whiplash tariff “hard to explain to claimants”

9 April 2024

It is “very difficult to explain” to claimants why they are receiving a “tokenistic tariff amount” for their whiplash injuries, APIL has told the government.

Government reviews role of apologies in civil litigation

8 April 2024

The government today launches a consultation on whether it should be easier to apologise in civil proceedings without admitting liability.

APIL drops fixed costs judicial review after government “concessions”

27 March 2024

The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers has withdrawn its judicial review against the government challenging aspects of last October’s extension of fixed recoverable costs.

Stayed OIC claims need to conclude quickly post-Rabot, say lawyers

27 March 2024

Claimant representatives have called for Official Injury Claim cases stayed pending yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling on mixed injuries to progress quickly now that there is certainty.

Supreme Court rejects appeals in whiplash mixed-injuries case

26 March 2024

The Supreme Court has unanimously rejected the appeal and cross-appeal against the decision on how judges should value claims that combine both whiplash and non-whiplash injuries. It upheld the approach of District Judge Hennessy at first instance and then the… Read More

Defendant law firms “scaring off” legitimate employer’s liability claims

26 March 2024

At least £284m has been unclaimed from accidents at work in 2023, with workers increasingly reluctant to seek compensation from their employer, according to National Accident Helpline.

Government rejects multiple calls to reform whiplash claims process

19 March 2024

The Ministry of Justice has rejected all but some technical changes to the Official Injury Claim portal put forward by both claimant and defendant representatives.

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