Legal Services Board

Minister: “No plans” for review of Legal Services Act

20 May 2020

A review of the Legal Services Act 2007 is not on the agenda, the government has confirmed. It also indicated that it was happy with the work done by the Legal Services Board

Legal tech education “disjointed and ad hoc”

19 May 2020

Legal technology education is focused too much on ‘hot topics’ like machine learning and blockchain, making it “disjointed and ad hoc” in character, a paper for the Legal Services Board has argued.

LSB gives Bar Council a ticking off over staffing criticism

18 May 2020

The Legal Services Board has given the Bar Council a slap on the wrist for the comments it made in a Legal Futures article about staffing levels at the oversight regulator.

LSB calls in the public to advise on policy

13 May 2020

The Legal Services Board is to create a standing panel of members of the public to help develop future policies – in addition to its existing consumer panel.

LSB to check random sample of disciplinary decisions

4 May 2020

The Legal Services Board is planning to review a “random sample” of regulators’ disciplinary decisions to ensure the right processes and procedures are in place.

Regulators “confirm commitment” to Legal Choices amid control dispute

29 April 2020

Seven of the eight frontline regulators have “confirmed their continued commitment” to the Legal Choices website, despite the Solicitors Regulation Authority no longer wanting to run it.

LSB questions Bar regulator’s decision-making

27 April 2020

The Legal Services Board is launching a formal review of the Bar Standards Board’s leadership and decision-making in the wake of its controversial decision to stop funding the Legal Choices website.

Covid-19 could herald reform of reserved legal activities

27 April 2020

Changes to the list of reserved activities that only authorised lawyers can do has been floated as one way the ways legal regulation could be flexed to help the profession recover from the Covid-19 crisis.

Tax schemes “discourage investment” in legal start-ups

17 April 2020

Government schemes to help SME companies grow by offering investors tax relief exclude legal businesses and so constrict technological innovation in the market, it has been claimed.

Bar Council calls on LSB not to recruit staff during crisis

7 April 2020

The Bar Council has called on the Legal Services Board not to recruit more staff during the coronavirus crisis for the task of overseeing legal bodies’ internal governance.

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