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LSB told to share responsibility after SRA Handbook decision

7 November 2018

The Legal Services Board has been told by its own consumer panel that it has to share the responsibility for ensuring that consumers do not suffer at the hands of solicitors working for unregulated firms.

Legal Services Board approves new SRA Handbook in full

6 November 2018

The Legal Services Board has approved the new SRA Handbook, including the controversial proposal to allow solicitors to provide unreserved services to the public from unregulated businesses.

New rules to bolster legal regulators’ independence

5 November 2018

New rules which clearly limit the influence the Law Society can have on the Solicitors Regulation Authority, and the Bar Council on the Bar Standards Board, have been published.

LSB: Regulators making “good progress” on publishing prices

17 October 2018

The frontline regulators are making “very good progress” in improving price transparency, the Legal Services Board has said – but its consumer panel was far less impressed.

LSB treads carefully as it warns over legal aid cuts

9 August 2018

The Legal Services Board has stepped carefully into the debate over legal aid cuts by highlighting the increasing number of people handling legal problems alone.

Price transparency regime for solicitors approved

8 August 2018

The Legal Services Board has approved new rules proposed by the Solicitors Regulation Authority requiring law firms to publish prices for a range of consumer and business services.

LSB: SMEs attracted by firms with price transparency

6 August 2018

When small businesses believe they can trust the transparency of legal providers on fees, they are twice as likely to seek the advice of lawyers, according to the Legal Services Board.

LSB reforms to end “different treatment” for accountants

25 July 2018

The Legal Services Board is to impose reform that will end the “different treatment” for accountancy regulators which also oversee legal services.

Mayson to lead review of legal regulation

12 July 2018

The Centre for Ethics & Laws at University College London is to hold an independent review into the regulatory framework for legal services.

New chair of Legal Services Board named 14 months after last one left

22 June 2018

The Legal Services Board finally has a permanent chair after Dr Helen Phillips was given an unprecedented five-year term, while the Law Society finally has a permanent CEO.

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