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Legal Ombudsman set finally to clear complaints backlog

22 October 2018

The Legal Ombudsman will finally be able to look the profession in the eye again next year when it clears the backlog of complaints, its chair has said.

LeO urges lawyers to ditch web email providers

19 September 2018

The Legal Ombudsman has urged law firms that use web-based email such as AOL and Hotmail to invest in a more secure corporate email solution or risk paying out to victims of cybercrime.

Legal Ombudsman misses targets as number of complaints rises

19 July 2018

The Legal Ombudsman badly missed its targets over the last year following an unexpected surge in complex complaints against lawyers.

Law firms will have to publish certain prices, but not complaints data, SRA decides

14 June 2018

Law firms will have to publish their prices for a range of consumer and business services, the Solicitors Regulation Authority has decided, but they will not have to put their complaints records in the public domain. It comes alongside research showing consumers particularly wanted information on price and quality before choosing a lawyer.

Only more complex cases are reaching us, says Legal Ombudsman as it hikes budget

13 April 2018

Lawyers are getting better at handling complaints, meaning that those reaching the Legal Ombudsman are becoming more complex and costly, the organisation said last week in part justification for an increase in its budget for the second year running.

Consumers warned off CMC subject to multiple complaints over poor practices

14 March 2018

The Office for Legal Complaints – the body that oversees the Legal Ombudsman – has exercised for only the second time its power to name “in the public interest” an organisation responsible for dozens of complaints and warned consumers not to use it.

Consumer panel chair jumps ship to Legal Ombudsman after just a year in post

13 February 2018

The Legal Services Consumer Panel is on the hunt for a new chair after the incumbent jumped ship after just a year to become a member of the Office for Legal Complaints, the body that oversees the Legal Ombudsman. Meanwhile, the Law Society has named the members of its new main board, a key part of its new governance structure.

LeO rules out investigating complaints about unregulated providers using lawyers’ money

7 February 2018

The Legal Ombudsman has ruled out investigating complaints about unregulated legal services, or collecting data about them, without a new source of funding. The service said it would be “inappropriate” to use money raised by a levy on the profession for this purpose.

Ombudsman faces shortfall after unexpected rise in complaints

19 January 2018

Solicitors have demanded to know how the Legal Ombudsman intends to reduce the cost of its work to an all-time low at the same time that it is seeking extra funds to deal with an unexpected rise in complaints. Meanwhile, the Bar has urged LeO to investigate the reason behind a drop in the confidence lawyers have in the service.

Ombudsman urges “prescriptive template” for all lawyers in price publication push

21 December 2017

The process of publishing up-front price information should be achieved through “prescriptive templates” across the legal profession, the Legal Ombudsman has suggested. It said publication needed to be more than simply displaying likely prices, stressing the importance of lawyers providing context to their quotes.

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