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Law firm in court battle over alleged snooping

4 December 2020

The High Court has refused a City law firm permission to cross-examine the affidavits of people it accuses of trying to obtain confidential information it holds.

Susskind advocates role of AI in transforming courts

4 December 2020

A future justice system could use AI technology to inform people of their chances of success and even provide automated determinations, according to futurist Professor Richard Susskind.

Solicitor ordered secretaries to retrospectively “witness” wills

4 December 2020

The managing director of a law firm who ordered legal secretaries and a trainee solicitor to retrospectively “witness” wills which had already been signed by clients has been struck off.

In-house solicitor brings libel claim over accusatory press release

4 December 2020

A senior solicitor at the Environment Agency is suing a director of a garden centre business for libel and harassment after he successfully prosecuted the man for waste offences.

Inward investment consultancy becomes ABS after “exponential growth”

3 December 2020

A professional services consultancy specialising in advice to foreign businesses wanting to set up in the UK has become an alternative business structure after “exponential growth” in 2020.

Lottery funding helps law firm launch free Covid fines app

3 December 2020

A not-for-profit criminal law firm has launched  a free web app aimed at people who have been issued fines for breaching the Coronavirus Regulations.

Second provider reveals price for SQE preparation courses

3 December 2020

QLTS School has become only the second training provider to announce how much it will charge students to prepare for the Solicitors Qualifying Examination from next year.

BT takes legal near-shoring option with Northern Ireland move

3 December 2020

Communications giant BT has become the first non-law firm to open a legal hub in Northern Ireland, investing over £2.7m to create up to 30 lawyer jobs in Belfast over the next four years.

Barrister “of good judgement” was not negligent over client’s conviction

2 December 2020

A barrister of “good judgement” who had to make rapid decisions in a “pressurised environment” was not negligent even though it turned out her client was wrongly convicted.

Law firm and start-ups awarded government cash to develop lawtech

2 December 2020

One law firm and five lawtech businesses have each received around £100,000 of government money to develop and accelerate commercialisation of their products and services during the pandemic.

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