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Bullying and harassment calls to legal helpline double

23 January 2019

Calls from lawyers complaining of bullying and harassment to health support charity LawCare almost doubled last year, but there has been no massive spike in calls about sexual harassment.

Panel questions future of underperforming regulator

23 January 2019

The position of the smaller legal regulators has been thrust into the spotlight, with the chair of the Legal Services Consumer Panel suggesting that one may be at risk of losing its right to regulate.

Research to probe ethical issues raised by legal technology

23 January 2019

A project that will look at the ethical and others issues that technology raises for legal services and their regulation has been launched by the Legal Services Board.

Solicitor who took £1m from clients jailed

22 January 2019

A solicitor who took almost £1m from the estates of dead clients has been jailed for six years. He charged hugely inflated fees to deal with probate, in one case charging 50 times the estimated fee.

Vos: “Court technology can speed up progress on diversity”

22 January 2019

Lawtech can provide a “virtuous circle” that simultaneously both improves access to justice and delivers social and gender mobility to the upper reaches of the judiciary, according to a senior judge.

Female barristers highlight clash between work and family

22 January 2019

Research led by female barristers has highlighted the stark choices faced by women trying to balance working in private practice with looking after children.

Mini-pupillages could “indirectly discriminate”, BSB review finds

22 January 2019

Unpaid mini-pupillages could “indirectly discriminate” against would-be barristers from poorer backgrounds, a review by the Bar Standards Board has found.

Listed law firm’s shares soar on positive trading update

22 January 2019

Keystone Law – the most successful listed law firm in 2018 when judged by share price – saw it soar a further 15% yesterday after a positive trading update.

VAT risk for law firms handling insurers’ claims work

21 January 2019

New guidance on delegated authority claims handling by lawyers may create additional VAT costs for law firms and lead to disputes with their insurance clients, accountants have warned.

Immigration chief hits out as “abuse” by lawyers

21 January 2019

The appeal system for failed asylum-seekers has been “heavily abused by some lawyers”, the former Home Office director-general of immigration enforcement has claimed.

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10 January 2019

PR: fee-earner or fee-drainer?

For me the greatest challenge has always been, and continues to be, how to demonstrate the value of PR. I was once told I would not get some partners’ attention because I was a fee-drainer, not a fee-earner.

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