The role of a professional deputy in a clinical negligence case

29 February 2024

In certain clinical negligence claims such as cases involving catastrophic brain injuries, it is important to discuss the potential need for a professional deputy with the Claimant and/or with their family or guardians to explain how a professional deputy can assist

AI and legal compliance & practice management – regulations, policies and controls

23 February 2024

By Elaine Pasini, Head of Communications, at Legal Futures Associate Institute of Legal Finance & Management (ILFM) Artificial Intelligence (AI) is currently not regulated per se. However, the government is fully aware that the UK requires change for regulators to… Read More

Four ways to use AI in law firm marketing today

12 February 2024

By Legal Futures Associate MLT Digital During the course of the last year, AI has emerged as one of the most transformative developments in the legal marketplace. As a law firm digital marketing agency committed to prosperity, trust, and innovation, we’ve… Read More

The first FRC costs war, post 1 October 2023

18 January 2024

Nick McDonnell looks at the problem of non-PI cases begun before the new fixed costs regime but settled after, where part 8 proceedings are issued

Generative AI – The need for clear thinking

15 December 2023

The legal industry has traditionally struggled to keep up with technology. With artificial intelligence (AI) evolving quicker than any other technology, we need to be mindful of its limitations and walk before we run with these new innovations.

Cyber threats for law firms in 2024

13 December 2023

By Brian Rogers, regulatory director at Legal Futures Associate Access Legal Cyber-risk will continue to be a major risk for all law firms in 2024 due to the sensitive nature of the information they hold, and the substantial amounts of… Read More

Challenges for claimants who are not native English speakers and how to overcome them

2 November 2023

With such a diverse workforce, the aim of the amendments to PD 32 was to remove uncertainty as to the requirements for CPR-compliant foreign language witness statements.

Cyber risk management and hybrid working

26 September 2023

In the second instalment of our ‘Ask the Expert’ series, sponsored by Insight Legal, Kerrie Machin, of cybersecurity experts Mitigo Group, looks at how hybrid working can lead to additional cybersecurity risks for growing law firms.

Is our compliance officer actually complying?

10 August 2023

By Sarah Charlton of BlueSky Legal Finance & Management Solutions In the first of a new monthly ‘Ask the Expert’ series from Insight Legal, legal finance and management specialist Sarah Charlton considers a question many partners at smaller firms must… Read More

Employer’s liability case raises multiple costs issues

28 July 2023

Hannah Buswell, an associate costs lawyer at Express Solicitors, and Paul Hughes of Kings Chambers outline the many costs issues that came out of a recent employer’s liability case they worked on.

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