Challenges for claimants who are not native English speakers and how to overcome them

2 November 2023

With such a diverse workforce, the aim of the amendments to PD 32 was to remove uncertainty as to the requirements for CPR-compliant foreign language witness statements.

Cyber risk management and hybrid working

26 September 2023

In the second instalment of our ‘Ask the Expert’ series, sponsored by Insight Legal, Kerrie Machin, of cybersecurity experts Mitigo Group, looks at how hybrid working can lead to additional cybersecurity risks for growing law firms.

Is our compliance officer actually complying?

10 August 2023

By Sarah Charlton of BlueSky Legal Finance & Management Solutions In the first of a new monthly ‘Ask the Expert’ series from Insight Legal, legal finance and management specialist Sarah Charlton considers a question many partners at smaller firms must… Read More

Employer’s liability case raises multiple costs issues

28 July 2023

Hannah Buswell, an associate costs lawyer at Express Solicitors, and Paul Hughes of Kings Chambers outline the many costs issues that came out of a recent employer’s liability case they worked on.

Cryptocurrency and digital assets in estate administration

14 June 2023

Cryptocurrency and digital assets are the assets of the future. But how can they be valued, regulated and retained? In this new online world, solicitors must understand how these assets will affect Wills and how to value them and include them in final estate accounts.

Non-negotiable: non-disclosure of assets in the Family Court

24 May 2023

When one party involved in high net worth divorce proceedings possesses staggering personal wealth, it can be tempting for that person not to fully disclose their assets.

When is without prejudice really without prejudice?

15 May 2023

The recent cases of Scheldebouw v Evanson [2022] and Meaker v Cyxtera Tech UK Ltd [2023] have served as reminders of how the courts determine the application of without prejudice privilege

The law clarified in expenses claims for injured children

27 March 2023

The appeal courts are making clear to first-instance judges that they have been routinely falling into error in refusing expenses applications for success fees and ATE premiums.

Oral agreements: When silence may speak volumes

7 March 2023

A Supreme Court ruling on the correct interpretation of the terms of an oral agreement shows that, sometimes, the fewer the agreed terms, the more argument there can be.

Is your law firm’s claims management activity compliant?

24 February 2023

The outsourcing of marketing activity has become a common feature of many law firms that handle claims-related work – a tacit acceptance perhaps that attracting clients requires specialist skills which some lawyers simply do not have.

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Buyers beware

Some 12 years on from its first published research, the Society of Trust & Estate Practitioners has published a new report: Wills and Trusts – Buyers Beware.

European invasion – firms flood into the EU’s legal markets

The long march of lawyers across Europe continues apace more than 50 years after US law firms, together with their City counterparts, first opened offices in Paris and Brussels.

Legal project management – a mindset lawyers can easily apply

Where budgets are tight, lawyers will be considering what’s in their existing arsenal to still improve productivity. One effective, accessible and cheap tool is legal project management.

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