Presence of shielding QC at in-person hearing “not essential”

18 May 2020

The physical presence in a sensitive family case of leading counsel shielding from Covid-19 was desirable but “not essential”, a High Court judge has ruled in ordering an in-person hearing.

Children seeing parents “distressed” by remote hearings

7 May 2020

Children are “coming in and out of the room” during remote family law hearings and in some cases witnessing their “distressed” parents, a major study has found.

Arrested children may be given legal advice automatically

4 May 2020

The government is considering whether children in police stations should have to opt out of receiving legal advice, rather than opt in as now, it has emerged.

McFarlane: Remote hearing on future of child a step too far

22 April 2020

It is not appropriate for a 15-day hearing into whether a mother has harmed her seven-year-old daughter to be held remotely, the president of the Family Court has ruled.

Withers bids to help couples negotiate separation

3 April 2020

A service for couples wanting an amicable separation without instructing separate lawyers has been launched by Withers, which has also worked with Mariella Frostrup on a relationship podcast series.

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26 May 2020

Managing stress during and after lockdown

“I don’t get stressed” is a mantra I have tried (and generally failed) to live by. It belies the fact that I have been an unknowing but nonetheless card-carrying stress-cadet since goodness knows when.

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