Departing legal recruiter wrong not to hand over LinkedIn password

19 May 2022

A legal recruitment consultant was wrong to refuse to disclose his personal LinkedIn password before he left his employer to set up his own business, the High Court has ruled.

Ex-managing partner misled tribunal in discrimination claim

13 May 2022

A former law firm managing partner misled an employment tribunal in the course of pursuing a disability discrimination claim against by his ex-partners.

Law firm receptionist fired for being pregnant awarded £23,500

25 April 2022

A receptionist fired by a law firm because she was having a difficult pregnancy and taking time off work has been awarded compensation of £23,500 by an employment tribunal.

System failure led to default judgment against leading law firm

13 April 2022

Leading legal aid firm Duncan Lewis has been ordered to pay a former director costs of £6,500 for setting aside a default employment tribunal judgment caused by its internal failures.

Litigator’s claim against ex-firm struck out for unless order failure

12 April 2022

A civil litigator with experience of employment disputes has had an unfair dismissal claim against his former firm struck out for failing to comply with an unless order.

Barrister’s treatment of more junior opponent “verged on bullying”

11 April 2022

The behaviour of the barrister who called her more junior opponent a liar before an employment tribunal and mimicked her voice verged on bullying, a disciplinary panel has decided.

In-house solicitor with triplets was victim of discrimination

7 April 2022

British Gas discriminated against and unfairly dismissed an in-house solicitor who returned to work part-time after having triplets, an employment tribunal has ruled.

Law firm unfairly dismissed assistant solicitor absent due to cancer

28 March 2022

A law firm unfairly dismissed an assistant solicitor who was recovering from cancer, an employment tribunal has ruled. It was also found guilty of disability discrimination.

Lockdown conveyancing redundancy was genuine, tribunal rules

24 March 2022

A redundancy exercise run by a law firm in its conveyancing department following the first lockdown in 2020 was genuine, an employment tribunal has ruled in dismissing an unfair dismissal claim.

Firm fired Jewish employee after taking time off for religious holiday

4 March 2022

A law firm has been ordered to pay a former Jewish employee £26,500 in damages after it fired him for not attending work when instructed, even though it was a religious holiday he had booked off.

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