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The LEX factor

30 June 2013

At this conference delegates heard from the pioneers hitting the headlines and glimpsed into the future of legal practice. The latest business models, financial strategies and routes to market were explored as well as hearing how business models outside of the legal sector could be transferred to create a thriving law firm.

The cutting edge of law

1 November 2012

This conference showcased the latest innovation in the legal market by bringing together new entrants and entrepeneurial lawyers, whose business models could not have been imagined 10 years ago.

The new frontiers of law

1 April 2012

This was the second Legal Futures conference to bring together a unique forum with the Chairs of each of the main regulators, plus an onstage interview with the Chair of the LSB. Other experts discussed some of the main issues faced by firms in the evolving regulatory landscape, including COLPs/COFAs, OFR and the referral fee ban. In the afternoon delegates heard from new ABSs, such as the Co-operative Legal, and the world’s first listed law firm, Slater & Gordon.

New ways to practise law

1 October 2011

At the second Legal Futures conference we invited speakers from a range of non-traditional businesses already providing legal services to share their view of the market and their plans to become ABSs. Delegates also heard panel debates from providers of exciting new brands, networks and referral services outlining the benefits that they offer traditional providers.

The future for lawyers

1 April 2011

The inaugural Legal Futures conference brought together for the first time a unique forum of all the main regulators to discuss their approaches to ABSs, competence testing for lawyer and the education and training review, as well as the relationships between regulators and the regulated. Delegates also heard views and debate from a range of industry experts, including Professor Richard Susskind, sharing their prediction for the market six months ahead of the introduction of ABSs.
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4 June 2020

Reflecting on the spring PII renewal season

I reported last year that the October PII market was a challenging environment and many practices paid more for their cover. This trend of increased premiums continued into this spring.

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