The October PII renewal: Why the market changed

13 November 2019

Since the abolition of the Solicitors Indemnity Fund, the October professional indemnity insurance renewal season has always been a challenge, but this year most law firms saw their premiums go up.

Taking a strategic approach to cyber-risk

11 November 2019

If you forced 10 cyber-criminals to sit through an average law firm’s IT committee meeting, they’d be turning themselves in to the National Crime Agency before it reached AOB.

Final preparations for the refined SRA Accounts Rules

7 November 2019

If you already comply with the current accounts rules, it’s entirely plausible you don’t need to do anything to comply with the new ones from 25 November. However, we advise against this myopic course of action.

Unexpected ways in which criminals target law firms

4 November 2019

As time moves on, methods of crime and the laundering of its products change. In this blog we will look at five unexpected ways in which law firms and lawyers can fall foul of criminals.

How to ensure your team adopts new legal technology

30 October 2019

One of the first aspects to consider is how your lawyers will use the technology you acquire, and what may be needed to optimise their user experience.

‘Hiring from within’ is the key to successful legal IT

28 October 2019

For many legal industry professionals, moving to a legal IT business can be viewed as a natural progression. They are extremely well placed to understand the exact needs of a legal software user.

Finding the right partner to achieve IT goals securely

24 October 2019

Many legal firms are failing to prioritise issues such as security and compliance when it comes to technology investment. In fact, only 24% of British businesses put it at the top of their list.

Closing the legal gap through technology

22 October 2019

Technology has made few inroads into how most people experience legal services. This is puzzling at a time when technology has transformed so many aspects of our lives, and when the big commercial law firms are investing heavily.

Will your staff have confidence in your compliance officers?

18 October 2019

The introduction of the SRA Standards and Regulations on 25 November 2019 will see new issues coming into focus for you and your firms over the reporting of serious breaches to the SRA.

The new SRA accounts rules – a checklist for compliant software

16 October 2019

There are a number of changes to the accounts rules from 25 November, which law firm managers and compliance officers will need to take into account in order for their firms not to be in breach.

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