Marketing through the Covid-19 outbreak

1 June 2020

Sadly, there is a demand for wills due to the implications of Covid-19, so the need to communicate your services to help those looking to organise their affairs is still very important.

Are e-bundles here to stay?

28 May 2020

I can’t see how we can go back from this point. E-bundles present no disadvantages, since no-one is prevented from printing out their bundle if they want to.

Managing stress during and after lockdown

26 May 2020

“I don’t get stressed” is a mantra I have tried (and generally failed) to live by. It belies the fact that I have been an unknowing but nonetheless card-carrying stress-cadet since goodness knows when.

Reform delay gives time for issues to be resolved

22 May 2020

The announcement that the Civil Liability Act, and the changes which come with it, will not now be implemented until April 2021 is sensible and welcome.

Selling your PI caseload or practice: It’s a seller’s market

19 May 2020

Whilst it may be counterintuitive to many, there are more PI law firms wanting to buy than to sell. It has become a seller’s market that is even stronger given the high demand during the pandemic.

Doctors, teachers and pilots do it, so why not lawyers?

14 May 2020

If you were to find yourself on a surgeon’s operating table, on a plane or back in the classroom, you would be in the hands of a professional whose ability had been independently checked in the last five years.

Why the Covid-19 business support measures are insufficient

12 May 2020

Criminal defence firms (particularly SMEs) are unlikely to survive after Covid-19 unless the government considers additional financial measures to those currently available.

Why you should offer online wills (particularly during Covid-19)

7 May 2020

Recent research estimated the wills and probate market as worth £1.3bn and found that 12% of those completing a will did it themselves without any professional help.

Eight top security tips for homeworking

5 May 2020

Many managing partners will, I’m sure, now be breathing a huge sigh of relief because they’ve achieved homeworking for so many of their staff, so quickly and with relative ease.

Five steps to a successful post-coronavirus world

1 May 2020

When we come out of the current crisis period, you will need to be ready to take on the challenges that a post-coronavirus world will present, one of which will be how you can operate more effectively online.

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