My membership site changed my life – could it change yours?

20 May 2019

One day I had a lightbulb moment. “Why don’t I set up a website with basic information for people which they pay to access? The fees would pay for the site and my time.” That thought changed my life.

Leaving the law was the best thing I did

17 May 2019

This particular deal saw me stay in the office for the next five nights, with barely two hours sleep each night in either one of the office sleep pods or a sofa in a corridor.

My eating disorder nearly cost me my life

16 May 2019

University often elicits feelings of excitement and anxiety in equal measure. These are both familiar and normal feelings but, for me, they quickly spiralled into something more insidious.

Putting my recovery first

15 May 2019

Life has dealt me a fantastic hand and, trust me, I know it. You’d be hard pushed to guess this about me though – I’m in eating disorder recovery.

You are what you E.A.T.

13 May 2019

We can become a little obsessed with blogging and many law firms have embraced this form of content generation for their own websites. But to what end, and is it worth the hassle?

How innovation can unlock legal services for the majority

7 May 2019

The Lord Chief Justice recently set out a challenge for the legal sector. “It is not every generation that is called upon to question the fundamentals of their systems, of their ways of working,” Lord Burnett said.

Artificial intelligence and the legal industry

2 May 2019

How, specifically, can AI help the legal sector? While we’re years away from truly autonomous forms of AI, weaker or ‘narrow’ AI is already enhancing our lives in several ways.

What’s the point of the Law Society?

29 April 2019

The Law Society is captured by a group of smaller law firms and individual solicitors who have a backward-looking view of what a law firm should be. Many appear contemptuous of ‘big law’, innovation and change.

GDPR and Brexit – a view from the European Commission

25 April 2019

I recently met with officials from the European Commission to discuss what Brexit will mean for GDPR compliance, including the current extension until the end of October.

Protectionism: Is it really all that bad?

18 April 2019

So we are about to launch head first in to another great legal services experiment. Away with all those restrictive practices that successive governments consider so heinous. All hail innovation and market forces.

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