Making Tax Digital throws spotlight on outdated legal IT systems

16 January 2020

The first year of Making Tax Digital for VAT, known as the soft landing period, ends this April. During these first 12 months, firms without a compliant legal accounts package have used bridging software.

Will digital onboarding become the norm for law firms?

14 January 2020

The relationship between a lawyer and a consumer has always been built on trust. As a result, consumers turn to their lawyer to handle their most personal affairs in a way that is right for them.

20/20 vision – the start of a transformative decade for consumer legaltech

9 January 2020

Go back a year and look at what the legal industry predicted 2019 would hold. Process automation, document review and blockchain-backed smart contracts were all mooted, and they have been making an impact.

Winning more business for your conveyancing department

6 January 2020

The month of January will see law firms set some clear objectives over the 12 months that lie ahead. One of the biggest questions will no doubt be: ‘How do we grow our conveyancing department?’

Strictly festive

23 December 2019

“I hope you don’t mind me asking but isn’t mid-December an odd time to hold a strategy meeting?” asked ColdHeart, North Pole Logistics’ head of elfin resources. “I mean, isn’t it a bit close to ‘The Big Day’?”

What your legal tech should look like in 2020

19 December 2019

The legal market is becoming dynamic and more vibrant. This change is in part driven by other industries and the gig economy with the rise of players such as, Uber and Deliveroo.

Law and technology: A matter of perspective

16 December 2019

AI, blockchain, Big Data, cloud computing, smart contracts, etc. How can practitioners best assess the various digital solutions for providing legal services?

Is your website lost in the desert?

10 December 2019

Having a website is like advertising on a billboard in the middle of the desert – it’s pretty useless unless people are driving past to see it. It’s exactly the same with cyberspace.

Still running Windows 7? Cyber-criminals are on your trail

6 December 2019

When the end-of-life date arrives, it is estimated thone in four PCs will still be running Windows 7. This figure will be higher in industries slower to embrace IT developments – legal is likely to be amongst those.

Safeguarding your law firm against cyber-criminals

28 November 2019

Cyber-attacks are becoming ever increasingly low tech, but more wide ranging. According to the SRA, in the first six months of 2019, law firms reported a loss of £731,250 of client money.

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