PR: fee-earner or fee-drainer?

10 January 2019

For me the greatest challenge has always been, and continues to be, how to demonstrate the value of PR. I was once told I would not get some partners’ attention because I was a fee-drainer, not a fee-earner.

Creating a mentally healthy workplace

2 January 2019

There is a strong proven business case for law firms to promote good physical and mental health for all staff – it leads to greater productivity, better morale, better retention and reduced sickness absence.


21 December 2018

Yo, kids, Mr C here. First up, big apologies to the traditionalists for replying to your letters via social media rather than my usual puffin-quill and ink. My elves are too busy with GDPR compliance to lick stamps

Why we need robot rules

18 December 2018

In 2016, an AI program called AlphaGo beat the world champion at the board game Go. At one point, AlphaGo made a decision which baffled everyone but turned out to be the winning move.

The Leigh Day Letters: Looking for the smoking gun

14 December 2018

So what to make of the correspondence published yesterday by the Solicitors Regulation Authority about its dealings with the government over the Leigh Day case?

Open justice and technology: Friend or foe?

12 December 2018

Why not use this new age of technology to represent your client in court by simply logging on? However, with representation conducted from the privacy of your own space, just how ‘open’ might this process be?

People change, people deliver

10 December 2018

I’ve been in the midst of change for most of my career. Change was the unintended consequence of getting into PI. Change became intentional when I stepped into a senior operational role.

Is the insurance market starting to harden for solicitors?

5 December 2018

Whilst there may be evidence that the insurance market for solicitors is starting to harden, with competition between insurers now far more evident, the headline is not straightforward to answer.

Has much changed since GDPR Day?

3 December 2018

Most companies have seen an increase in the number of subject access requests being made, some considerably so. The more challenging requests were often driven by pending legal action.

A blueprint for innovation

28 November 2018

As the world of legal practice moves from a state where innovation is not just rewarded but expected as a norm by commercial clients, the question of what innovation looks like becomes vitally important.

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