Seeing the ability in disability

9 November 2018

There is much readily available research about the tremendous value that having a diverse workforce brings to the legal profession. This includes drawing from a wider pool of talent and avoiding ‘groupthink’.

Tackling fraud in the workplace

6 November 2018

Fraud in the workplace is on the rise across all industries, with organisations such as the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, Solicitors Regulation Authority and Big Four accountants PwC highlighting its increased threat worldwide.

Transparency: Time to bite the bullet on prices

2 November 2018

Here’s the opportunity – embrace the transparency agenda, show that you are worth the money. Show that you understand your clients. They want to know what their experience is going to be.

From SP to LTD to ABS and from SRA to CLC

31 October 2018

In this guest post, Paul Hajek, managing director of Gloucestershire firm Clutton Cox Conveyancing, talks about his journey from being an SRA-regulated sole practitioner to a CLC-regulated ABS.

A room with a (re)view

26 October 2018

Moving customer reviews of your firm onto a public platform can be a terrifying experience. What if everyone posts a terrible review? If that’s the case, then you don’t have a functioning business anyway.

The importance of having the right expertise

24 October 2018

One of the best pieces of advice we got before we embarked on the KTP was to invest time in choosing the right expert to lead the project. They need to be able to make the shift from academia to business.

Further tips to improve email conveyancing quotes

18 October 2018

Personalising an email quote and ensuring your first contact with the customer is decisive and positive is very important in converting enquiries. Similarly, refusing to give a verbal quote can make your firm seem unprofessional.

The pros and cons of publishing prices

12 October 2018

Our view is that transparency will help our clients to win in competitive situations. Published pricing helps to qualify customers before you commit time and resources to consultations and a sales process.

Emailing conveyancing quotes: How to improve your results

5 October 2018

Do you send out an email to people who have rung for a residential conveyancing quote? What proportion of them convert into business? There is a massive general problem, which is having a seriously detrimental effect on conversion rate results for many firms.

The ethics of lawtech

1 October 2018

The ethical conundrums of lawtech are many, sprouting mostly from its complexity. One of the central tenants of justice has always been that the way in which it is arrived at must be transparent. This can be difficult with lawtech.

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